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Gisele Gets Instant Tummy Tuck


Gisele Bundchen is the new face (abdomen?) of London Fog’s 2009 Fall campaign.  Obviously LF is trying to sex their image up, which is a refreshing departure from their atrocious winter coats that I used to receive as a Christmas gift every year when I was a child.  I can’t tell you how much those things cost me in therapy sessions.

Anyway, Gisele is pregnant so the LF people were kind enough to give her a little Photoshop enhancing to make her look as svelte as ever.  Sadly, Gisele’s “baby bump” is the average woman’s seemingly unattainable goal.

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  • You make me laugh. hHose London Fog coats were atrocious. I can’t believe they are trying to pass these now off as something cool to wear.

    • OMG – London Fog! I’d successfully forgotten about those coats – until now. :) I used to receive those as well, every winter like clockwork. Looking back – coat or sleeping bag? They could have easily been used as both!

  • we shouldn’t even have models anymore, just cartoons. they photoshop the most beautiful people to death. what’s the point anymore? models don’t even look like models.

  • You know what? I think there should be a gallery of celebrity before and after photoshop retouches. Because I just went through a bunch on google, and now feel fantastic.

      • Agreed, because if you have to use other people’s before and after’s to make yourself feel better instead of just being happy with yourself…yea, chances are, you’re not the hottest oven on the block.

    • Thank you!!! She looks catatonic. I don’t know if that’s her natural state or the look they were going for. Either way, FAIL!

  • Am I the only one who think she’s unattractive? Beautiful body her face is so weird, though.

  • Do you notice how they make her belly button smaller? I’m so glad to see that. I have a BB just like Gisele’s (believe me, that’s where I STOP drawing comparisons b/t our bodies) and I’m a little self-conscious about it. Glad to know that hers isn’t perfectly petite either. I mean, I’d like a smaller one, but if I can’t accomplish a physical goal through healthy lifestyle it isn’t going to happen . Surgery just scares me.