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Even Nahla Aubrey Looks Like She Can’t Stand The Paps

Halle Berry, Nahla Ariela Aubry

Halle Berry was in L.A. visiting a friend yesterday.  There was some weird dude who was in most of the pics who looked like he was trying to give a bouquet of flowers to Halle.  Upon further inspection, I think he is an assistant, friend or manager of Halle’s and not some creepy random.

Nahla Aubrey, Halle’s 16-month-old daughter that I’m slightly obsessed with (though not in a creepy Let Me Give You Calla Lilies on the Street sort of way), has already begun mastering the Disgusted With Paps look that her mother has been doing for years now.

Halle and her boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey need to have another baby.  DNA like that is entirely too precious to waste.

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    • i disagree, i feel like people wil automatically say se is extremely beautful by only glancing at her. i will admit her blue eyes and cinnamon colored skin iare quite stunning but her eyebrows are freaky and her mouth is a strange shape.

      • As I’m not an idiot and don’t automatically do what the media tells me, I’m saying she’s a beautiful child because I legitimately think so.

        But wow, I hate kids and never want them but even I would never say what you just said about a baby.

      • Many women pluck, tweeze and wax their eyebrows to attain the look that Nahla’s has. And she’s a toddler!
        “her mouth is a strange shape” — what the hell does that mean anyway? Are you using your own mouth as a comparison? Because maybe you’re the one with the freaky mouth.

  • The most beautiful baby on the Hollywood scene! She’s perfect. Hope they have another baby soon.

  • She’s going to be stunning when she grows up. And that disdainful expression is priceless.