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Carrie Prejean Does Impression of Your Drunk Mother On Karaoke Night

Carrie Prejean \’Sings With Bing\’

Before we get into it, let me just assure you that I will most likely never mention the name “Carrie Prejean” here again. But this is too good to pass up, so just this once. Probably. Unless she does something really buckwild again.

Yesterday, former Miss California and notorious nutjob Carrie Prejean (Am I the only one who calls her “Carrie Beforejean” in my head?) took to the “stage” at Del Mar Race Track in SoCal for their traditional “Sing With Bing” opening ceremony. You see, the track got the name for their musical number from the legendary Bing Crosby who was a co-founder of the track and writer of their anthem “Where the Turf Meets The Surf”. And, giving the late-singer the reverence he deserves, they’ll hand the mic over to just about any famewhore who’s willing to be seen there, including the equality-hating Prejean.

What’s sad about this clip, other than its existence, is the teeter-tottering blond staring blankly for what feels like an eternity into the crowd of on-lookers before she kicks off her rendition of the somewhat-legendary song. And then the singing, the God awful singing. The singing that makes me want to research what her talent portion of the Miss America pageant was, but frankly I don’t care enough. Miss. Prejean was not meant to sing, not one bit. But alas, she did. And now it’s on the Internet. The flip-side, however, is that we are able to use this video to help gauge what a 17 year old JonBenet Ramsey would have been like had she not been taken from us prematurely.

Too soon? Should I have waited until after lunch?

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  • if you hate her so much, why write a fucking novel about it? Some say that the best writer is the one who can say it in the least amount of words. so cut down on the rambling, please.

  • HaHa! Love the funny Jon Benet reference. Tell Carrie she can come over and I’ll take her down to the basement and kill her anytime she likes.

  • Firstly, Jon Benet would have been 19 next month, not seventeen.
    Secondly, some things are so heinous that joking about them is not funny. That includes raped and murdered six year olds.

    • So Molly can’t bring up us murdering Sharon Tate while she was carrying her unborn child? Where’s your sense of humor, pufinstuf?

  • i thought the jon benet joke was the funniest part… the actual video was just uncomfortable. was that booing??

  • I have a great sense of humor, actually. And I’m not one of those who says “don’t speak ill of the dead” in general. If someone was a bastard or a creep, I don’t feel that them being dead changes that in any way. But I don’t find it funny to joke about dead innocents (yes I meant to spell it that way) and to assume that if they had lived they would have been drunk losers.
    Sharon Tate jokes also = not funny. I hope you were being sarcastic, Chuck.
    I do have to say I’ve been watching Molly’s commentaries on Zelda Lily for a while and really enjoy them. I think she is smart and funny. I just think she went a little too far with this one.

    • Hey dork, do you even know who Charles Manson is? If not, can I stay with you when I make parole? Thanks.

      • Yes, I know who Charles Manson is.
        And I know you aren’t him.
        That’s why I was making fun of you.
        And he’s never getting parole.
        TTYL, Chuck.

    • Agreed, pufinstuf. I always think “How would it make me feel if that was me? My mum? Or in this case, my daughter?”

      I think it’s pretty pathetic how far people will go for a laugh. Michael Jackson is fair game – a murdered six year old is not. The fact that people don’t give a shit demonstrates a complete lack of compassion and empathy. How sad.

      I wonder if there will ever come a time in which people are respected for kindness, not just apathy, cynicism and self-promotion.

  • I was really hoping someone was going to scream, “show us your tits.”

    The man who introduced her reminds me of the Will Forte (SNL) character who’s always running for office and is a terrible speaker.

  • I really like the heckling from the peanut gallery. Whoever’s in charge of promotions for that racetrack gets a big giant bucket of fail. What’s with the “Morning Zoo Crew” style lead-in to the song?

  • I guess alone with the hecklers (why be so mean) goes the question, “why read it, then?” Geez. Nobody forced you here. If it’s that mean, go someplace else.

    I for one enjoy watching her slow, painful fade into obscurity. She doesn’t go quietly, does she? She goes kicking, flailing, and singing. Meh.

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