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The Best Idea I’ve Heard Since June 25, 2009

I’m relieved to hear that common sense is finally starting to prevail within the Jackson family.  According to a TMZ source, though Katherine may be awarded technical custody of Michael’s children, MJ’s sister Rebbie will be the one to actually raise them.  She lives locally, has children of her own, has been married to the same dude for 41 years, has lived a relatively scandal-free existence and isn’t selling her story to News of the World.  Oh, and she’s not 80!

Can’t we forgive her for 1984 — see above — and agree that this may be one of the most stable and normal environments for these kids to grow up in?

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  • How many freakin’ Jackson kids are there????? I’ve never heard of her. Seriously, how many kids did/do Katherine and Joe Jackson have?

    • Ten kids. Marlon was a twin. His twin died after birth. Joe also has a illegitimate child, age 35 i think. Rebbie is the oldest… don’t know how you didnt know about her.

      I was actually hoping Janet got the kids. She might not ever get a chance to raise children and this would have been her chance.

  • Yes, this IS good news. I was happy to hear Janet step forward and offer to raise them if needed, but Rebbie is an even better choice. More “normal” environment (well, as normal as these kids will ever be allowed to be).

  • She seems like the most stable person, and is not in the business doesn’t live in Los Angeles, the kids may even have a chance to grow up to be semi normal, there is no way an 80 year old woman could raise children that age all they would do is suffer another loss in a year or two. Plus they would be living with that insane grandfather who would try to manipulate them into some sort of freak show act to make a couple of bucks. He’s a soulless bastard, and doesn’t consider them part of the family.

    Hopefully the kids will have a chance, I hope so. I am wondering if the paternity of “Blanket” is going to come up, and if Omer Bhatti is his father. This thing just keeps getting weirder everyday.

    • Actually Katherine and Joe are separated and dont even live with each other… But yeah she probably is the best choice.

  • I really think Michael was the closest to Janet out of all of his siblings and that was the person who he wanted to raise them. Too bad he didn’t get a chance to update his will before his death.