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Dita Von Teese Drinks, I Annoy Solange Knowles



Dita Von Teese has a drink named after her, now that she’s the new face of Cointreau:  The Cointreau Teese.  It’s made with Cointreau, apple juice, lemon juice and violet syrup — looks super pretty, sounds super gross.  You know that you’ve officially arrived when a hospital wing, a Marc Jacobs handbag or a cocktail has been named after you.  It’s really the hallmark confirmation of fame.  

Last night was the launch party, and Dita was there in her trademark burlesque look.  Also there, Jewel in a maxi dress, Perez Hilton looking like the asshat that he is, and Solange Knowles who offended a bunch of people this afternoon by Tweeting “Salute to the vagina power!  Dita Von Teese is haute!”  The use of the term “vagina” is really upsetting to people in 2009?  

Totally unrelated to Dita, but now Solange is typing All. her. tweets. like. this.  Do you think she got that from me?  She’s ranting about something — the most I can gather is that she thinks black women are imprisoned by their hair.  I’ve been sending her Tweets back like: “What. the. hell. are. you. talking. about?” and “Are. you. crazy?”

Tommy Chong was there looking like he had the munchies, as was Margaret Cho who was looking great.  Wilmer Valderrama showed up wondering if anyone had seen his “career” run by and the incredibly hot Mayte Garcia — she was married to Prince for four years, but somehow managed to have her marriage annulled — made an appearance as well.

The. End.

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  • Aaahhh Dita Von Teese annoys me to no end!! She has always the same make-up on -which is rather unflattering if you ask me-, and that 40s look is not cool at all, she just looks like my nan. Why is she famous again? Because she pole danced… sorry, because she “did burlesque” and then married a man who claims to be a rock singer? She annoys meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • I’m not a fan of Solange, but I see where she’s coming from in terms of “imprisonment.” African-Americans are obsessed with “good” and “bad” hair (it’s BS, I know, but that’s the thinking in some of our minds), but it’s really weird reading that from someone who (as well as her sister) has spent most of their celebrity sporting wigs, weaves, and extensions. I don’t know. To each their own.

    *Sidenote* While I said that I can see her point, clearly she’s only doing this for attention, and she doesn’t really care about the message she’s throwing out there, but if I’m wrong, forgive me.

  • I also dont see the fuss about her. Maybe I just can’t get past the fact that her nails always look like they need a refill.

  • Vagina – fine, “haute”.. not so much. :P

    I like Dita when she appeared in Eurovision 2009 for Germany but I don’t think she’s pretty.

  • not only was mayté there, but prince’s 2nd ex-wife manuela is posing with eric benet!

    *in my daughter’s voice*


    anyways isn’t it interesting how manuela looks like a younger version of vanity, and mayté looks like a younger version of appollonia?


    • Prince’s women all have that exotic look to them, they are all beautiful

      Prince was married to both Mayte and manuela and was shacked up with Carmen Electra for a while.
      It’s great they all get along :)

  • Too bad Dita isn’t really pretty in the face because I love her look. I agree w/the commenter above. Her face is weird and she is so plain w/o makeup. Even with that makeup job you can see she’s no beauty.

  • I was there too. It was a great show, I personally think Mayte was the best act. Her moves are HOT!! She never misses a beat and is in FABOOSH shape. Carmen Electra looked “electric” and I met Tommy Chong on my way out. Perez is a slob who likes to be the center of attention…BLAH!!! He is so yesterday~~~~~. I heard DRFunkenberry ( left right as Perez did (blog rivals)…and as Dr funkenberry posts, perez steals his stories!!~ What a douche….I wonder if they exchanged words? VIP is always the place to be :)

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