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Joe Jackson Talks About Slavery. Relevancy Unknown

Crazy Joe Jackson was on Larry King Live last night and discussed — what else? — Michael.  The elder Jackson was pretty adamant in letting King’s audience know that he didn’t abuse Michael and that rumors of Joe beating his children are somehow related to the days of slavery.  I’m starting to wonder if JJ doesn’t have a little pill habit of his own.

Also, in a seemingly unintentional act of irony, Joe praised his own parenting skills — he made no mistakes — and pointed out that most of Michael’s childhood friends are now dead due to their lifestyles.  Sigh.

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  • Joe Jackson is such a piece of shit. I watch that clip and I’m left speechless. That almost never happens to me. The totality of this man’s utter worthlessness/stupidity is overwhelming. He is so fucking brain dead it’s amazing that there is enough neurological activity to support organ function. I wish he would drop dead, preferably while driving a bus with the rest of the Jackson clan on board.

    • I totally agree with you up the part with the bus… That’s just mean! But i am always wondering why anyone would waist precious time to speak to this… thing! Poor Larry was trying to help him make some sense… but he didn’t want to be interrupted! I’ve only heard him talk a couple of times after MJ’s death… has he always been this… challenged?

  • He’s a total liar.

    He abused his wife and kids for years, either emotionally or physically or both.

    Being in denial doesn’t change the facts – and just proves he’s as much as a monster now as he was then.

  • i’m sure i’ll get slammed for this but isn’t joe jackson the stereotype of most black men and the way they control their wives, kids and those around them? i’ve had many black friends who had very, very negative experiences with their biological fathers. why would this shithead be any different.