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Of Course Some Guy Has Surfaced Claiming To Be Michael Jackson’s Biological Son


To be fair, Omer Bhatti has been on the scene and claiming to be Michael Jackson’s son for years now.  But now that the King of Pop is dead, Bhatti is asking for a DNA test.  Not to lay claim to Jackson’s fortune  — of course not — but to settle the burning question that lurks in the mind of him and, well, no one else:  Did Michael Jackson father a child 20-something years ago via a Norwegian one-night stand?

Some sources say that Michael referred to Bhatti as his son after meeting him in 1996.  A young Omer wowed MJ with an impression of the singer.  For years, this kid has been living on and off at Neverland Ranch and was seen visiting Katherine and Joe yesterday.

Obviously, Omer Bhatti had some sort of relationship and connection with Michael Jackson.  But biological?  I’m not so sure about that.  

In closing, I’d like to congratulate myself for exercising restraint and not using the term “the kid is not my son” even once.  It was tempting.

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  • What a bullshit post! Omer Bhatti has never claimed he is MJ son! Their friendship is wellknown in Norway, and everyone know that he met MJ in tunis when he was a kid. This is just a stupid rumor.

    • No he’s not gay married twice to lisa marie presley and debbie row there was speculation that diana ross and michael jackson were always kissing and before he died he had two girlfreinds

  • Norway where they clone and do odd and eerie medical research things with people, plants and animals like.. Gonad-inhibiting hormone of the Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus): cDNA cloning, expression, recombinant protein production, and immunolocalization?

  • he looks like surgically enhanced michael jackson, notice chin dimple and what not… i’m sorry but your children don’t naturally assume your cosmetically enhanced facial features when born.

  • he looks like michael slightly
    hes got the skin colour that would be more expected from michael
    & tbh he looks more like michael than his kids do
    I would’nt say this guy is lying tbh

  • I know for a fact that michael jackson really does have a biological son he just havn’t been seen by michael since then.

  • I know for a fact that michael jackson really does have a biological son he just havn’t been seen by michael since then.And yes I mean it.

  • I mean think about if he wasn’t michaels son he will never been thought about.He maybe didn’t know how to have sex the correct way but still he lost his virginity that same night in that same day.The young man looks just like michael,the chine the eyes everything.He even has a soft voice like michael jackson I mean come on now dna text don’t lie. The young man has been trying for years to claim he’s the son of MJ.

  • I’m sorry….i love Michael more than most people i know personally…and i wish nothing more that he had a biological son still alive… but Michael is racially black… but omer, in younger pictures…is clearly not…