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Of Course LaToya is Releasing a Song About Michael


I’ve decided to title every piece that I write about the Michael Jackson debacle as “Of Course …”  It’s all so frigging predictable.  The DNA tests, the court battles, toxicology reports, and tribute songs — if a screenwriter was working on a script for the Michael Jackson biopic, this is exactly how it would be written.  Except this constant dramatic merry-go-round of revelations is actually happening. 

Needless to say, there was no shock when I learned that LaToya raced to the studio to record a song about Michael.  Cutting a single — it’s what the Jackson family does.  Now, I’m not an expert in music and I’m sure I’m not using the right terms, so bear with me.  LaToya Jackson’s soon-to-be-released single, “Home” is — hmm … what’s it called? — oh, a studio-manufactured piece of vacuous crap.

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  • She is going to milk this situation to the very fullest. Why is anyone surprised? It is her comeback moment.

  • Just before I hit the pause button on this “nails on a chalkboard” recording did I hear her utter the words “best friends”? It would be one thing if this song sucked yet was truthful. At least there would be something you could salvage from this exploitation, but when she flat out lies in the lyrics I end up feeling more sad for her then for Michael. How do these fucking people sleep at night? I also love the ” Hey, everybody look at me” pose on the cover as the sun light adorns her and Michael is just a barely visible watermark in the darker recesses of the clouds. Well done you fucking whore. I’m moved. Or should I say I moved? I think I just shit my pants!

  • It’s like she got into an elevator with a voice recorder and just sang along with the music on her way up to the recording studio to drop off the song.

  • I believe I read somewhere that this song was already recorded as a tribute to her family and possibly already released (that I’m not sure of) but that she was rereleasing it as a tribute to Michael instead of releasing her latest album.
    So I’m thinking A. The first release made no money.

    • (Sorry hit the wrong button)
      B. She is hoping to make a bunch o’ money on this release and pump up some demand for her album when she does release it.

      Mercenary- yeah.
      Smart- hell, yeah.

    • His family was his favorite charity. Everyone of his siblings came out of their mothers womb hands first. That is all those fuckers know. Trying to get something for nothing.

  • Research, Wendie.

    This song was previously recorded before Michael died and after his death she decided to dedicate it to him and her family and is giving 100% of the proceeds to an A.I.D.S. charity Michael was a supporter of.

    Don’t worry. I’m sure there’ll be many other stories about MJ that you can jump on and snark about unfairly.

  • It thinks it’s appalling, degrading and utterly despicable that someone who’s only talent is being related to someone with talent is cashing in on this upsetting time. She should climb back under the rock she surfaced from.

    • She can’t. The owner of the rock had her evicted for non payment of rent. Now that Michael is gone there is no one to pay her bills.

  • I agree with everyone on this post that bi*ch is crazy. I remember her comments when Michael was being accused, and I will never forgive her for that she’s an earth worm. I can’t believe her sorry a$$ what a dumb f@ck she is a sorry piece of sh!+

    R.I.P Mike

  • SHE’S FALSE ! remember what she says against Michael ! I will never forgive her too ! Rest In Peace Michael ! I Love You So Much Forever…