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Michael and Michael Have Issues


Yes, yes, I am aware how awful the photo on this post is, but at least it’s authentic!  After seeing the first episode of Comedy Central’s new show Michael and Michael Have Issues (or MMHI) at the screening on Monday night in NYC, my sister Sierra decided to take a picture of Michael Ian Black’s face as he was trying to exit the room.  His response?  “Wow, that wasn’t obnoxious at all.  You’re tall.  I’m not hitting on you, you’re just tall.” [Ed: Sierra is approximately 5’12”] We had a great time and really enjoyed the free peanut M&M’s (personally, I ate 3 bags) and Sam Adams beer (impossible to count how many I had of those . . . .).

The show is actually really hilarious.  It consists of short sketches and live stand-up comedy performed and written by comedians Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter.  The comedic duo keeps us laughing with their serious karate moves and fake movie previews.   The premier is tonight, Wednesday July 15th, at 10:30 pm/9:30 central and I highly recommend you tune in!  Seriously people, when did Ian Black ever let you down?  RIP Best Week Ever.

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    • It’s her friend from NYC, i think apart of her job is that she gets to go to alot of promotions and screenings and every now and again posts about them.

    • I couldn’t figure out if they were trying to be funny by writing that or if they are just stupid. Either way, they fail. I like everyone on Evil Bert, even her old friend Lars, but this skipabeet is just so damn annoying.

    • no kidding, saying 5′ 12 isn’t really doing you any favors… just own the 6′ title, everyone else knows you’re effing tall, no need to humor anyone with the 5′ 12 business.

  • Geeeeez… why do I feel that lately people are only commenting on here when they have something negative to say?

    I actually appreciate the post, because I saw a commercial for MMHI, but forgot that it starts tonight. I think Michael Ian Black is hilarious… I miss the good days of Best Week Ever!

    • ^^^^Aww, how sweet. Remember what Thumpers mommy said everyone, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Umm, Alicia, based on your avatar you’re one hot little piece of ass.

  • i was gonna comment on the 5’12” vs 6 ft thing but someone beat me to it.

    couple of other points – first, the overwhelming majority of internet comments are going to be negative. that’s the way the internet works. are you new to the internet?

    second, i feel since beet has taken a bit of a backseat and brought on more contributors the quality of the site has gone down some. from the other comments i’ve been reading, i don’t think i’m the only one that feels that way.

  • Coach – I guess my point is that the site wasn’t always like this. And maybe it is just people backlashing against the newest contributors.

    I just think the comments used to be a lot more positive, and lately it seems like the comments are what you would read on Perez Hilton, with personal attacks against the writers. Even you took a jab at me by asking if I am new to the internet.

    I obviously have a sense of humor, I just think this site is changing somewhat… that is all.

    • I agree with Alicia — it seems like there has been more negativity directed towards the writers than there used to be. (Sometimes it’s people complaining that the writers are too negative.)

      • you must be new. back in the old days, EVERYONE used to rake wendie over the coals when she started and luckily she ignored it. now that she’s got the hang of it, she’s really got really good technique most of the time. i’m guessing her husband would say the same thing about her blowjobs.

    • ok, that’s enough. go sit in the corner until you realize this site is not about your feelings. if you want us to listen to that kind of shit, you’re gonna have to put out or at least unbutton your blouse.

  • it’s not just the internet. unfortunately, people are more likely to speak up when they’ve got a gripe or criticism than when they have praise or something positive to say. sorry for the passive aggressive strike at you – that was not necessary.

    • HA HA HA HA
      Your name is COACH but you apologize about passive aggressive strikes? What do you coach, sissy boy ice skaters? Grow some balls, man, grow some balls.

  • Skipabeet isn’t a “new contributor” She just only posts after she’s gone to promotional things.

  • Michael Ian Black was never on Best Week Ever and it wasn’t cancelled, hiatus until 2010.