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LaToya Jackson Calls Michael’s Death Murder


 Jackson has erased any doubt as to where she stands on the death of her brother Michael.  In a four-hour interview with News of the World, she shares her belief that her brother was murdered for his money and Beatles song catalog.  “We don’t think just one person was involved in the murder. It was a conspiracy to get Michael’s money.  I know who did it and I won’t rest until I nail them!”  While LaToya is busy screwing the suspects, I hope the police get involved in making some arrests.

She also discussed the condition of Jackson’s body as more evidence supporting her theory of foul play.  “He had many needle marks on his neck and on his arms, and more about those will emerge in the next few weeks. But nothing has changed my mind that this was murder and I won’t give up until I find out what killed my brother.  A couple of years ago Michael told me he was worried that people were out to get him. He said, ‘They’re gonna kill me for my publishing. They want my catalogues and they’re gonna kill me for these.'”

Michael’s sister asserts that the people who most closely surrounded the pop star controlled his environment and kept him from family.  “They tried to keep the family away at all times, even my dad.  Michael was being controlled. No one could get through to him.  We wanted to know why we were being kept away and my father Joe was always trying to get to see him. He tried so hard to be there for Michael. He was seen as a threat but he was trying to help. And if you keep the family away, you can conquer. It’s like they say, divide and conquer.”

LaToya also takes credit for ordering the second autopsy.  She already knows the result of the toxicology reports performed by the family’s coroner and could only say “I think everyone will be surprised when the results come out.”   Listen, the only way people are going to be surprised is if  his blood work comes back showing nothing except Flintstone vitamins.

LaToya had so much more to say — after all, when was the last time the media wanted to talk to her? — that you can read here.  Is there any doubt that she’ll be speaking to reporters for the rest of her life about Michael’s “murder,” children, and legacy?

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  • She’s stupid. Why would she choose News of the World of all of the options? For their reputation as a knowledgeable and responsible news source? I think I smell more bullshit.

  • I hope who ever took advantage of him gets thrown into prison. Especially the doctors who gave him all the drugs. That is absolutely out of order and just plain wrong. Doctors get away with murder!

  • Don’t the Jacksons have attorneys and modern ways and means to report any criminal behavior and threatening actions against their family to the authorities? I mean duh!? Sure the brother had freaky peculiarities, playing the part of man, immature man-boy and foolish victim, wasn’t paying his bills, was a confirmed junkie and borrowed a lot of money and forced many people to engage in illegal actions to get him all he lusted for.. and these people, both good and bad all tried to keep most of it secret so that injured or evil greedy people could eventually kill her brother?, but not ruin their names and money making abilities in his lifestyle freakiness benefited them all.. Backstabbers, treasonists and despots are kinder to their kin. Let it go! He was willing and able to do the things he did in life by a legal, moral and honest manner.. he just chose not to La Toya.

  • eurghh y’know what annoys me about it is that they are in such denial over it.
    People seem to want to find someone to blame other than michael for his death, when in reality he was the one who caused it by his excessive misuse of paticular wrongly prescribed to him.

  • I’m guessing it’s the Nation of Islam that she speaks of, but probably is afraid to come out and say the name Louis Farrakahn in public as they controlled MJ ever since they jumped on board during his last trial. Just the same folks that showed up as the new Black Panther Party at voting booths last year to intimidate voters. My guess is you’ll all know them extremely well in the future.

  • If I were La Toya – I think I might spend more energy looking for the criminal who did that s*%t to her face. Christ almighty they done nearly beat this woman to death with an ugly stick.

    • I agree that she plasticized her face and should be hunting down the doctors who did that to her.
      Maybe she’s confusing her “hunt for Michael’s murderers” with her own “hunt for plactic surgeon butchers”.

      • I’ve been looking at surgically altered Hollywood faces for too long. I was actually thinking she looked pretty OK. Like she kinda grew into her new face.

  • lol i agree on everything you guys said about her face, but damn! i wish i was that skinny.. lol..

    I think this whole think is bullshit. Michael was crazy, we all know that, and he liked pills too, and he took too many of them, and then he died. End of story. Now his family is trying to get all over the media and be famous again and make money out of it, since Michael didn’t leave them shit on his will.. Well, good for them, saddest part is, we will continue talking about them and making them rich.. *sigh*..

    • “I think this whole think is bullshit. Michael was crazy, we all know that, and he liked pills too, and he took too many of them, and then he died. End of story. Now his family is trying to get all over the media and be famous again and make money out of it, since Michael didn’t leave them shit on his will…”


      As sad as it is… he was a grown man…. who did this to him self. No one held him down and forced any pills or IV drips on him. He hunted for and willingly purchased everything he was putting in his body.

      It is his fault alone for what happen.

      And it p*sses me off that it is everyone’s fault but Michael’s, according to his family, that he has died.

      And they are all behaving like leeches… as they did during his life time… to make some quick cash off him before the media looses interest.

  • I agree that it was MJs fault, but the DRs were wrong to allow it to go on..I don’t believe they were intimidated by Jacksons people. I think they were in it for the money, and they got paid plenty to supply him with drugs that would eventually kill him. For that they should be prosecuted..too many Drs out there are slapped on the wrist and allowed to continue thier money making behaviour.

    • I hate to use this total cliche but should the McDonald’s corporation be prosecuted for supplying food that can make me obese?

      It’s about time people take some personal responsibility instead of looking for others (including the gov’t) to police their every move.

  • y da f###k u bitches dnt leave michael da F**K alone. bye da way he have a song LEAVE ME ALONE. die u stupid haters ur all haters n backstabbers. if he was alive u wud still be loven him I HATE ERY1 WHO HATE MICHAEL.RIP MICHAEL I WILL ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS LOVE U NO MATTER WAT.

  • Well well. If this isn’t the same sister who accused Michael in the 1993 sexual misconduct incident of being a pedophile. She later retracted the statement but it seems a fine time to come to his defense NOW that he’s dead.

    • Yup. This is also the same woman who wrote an autobiography describing the cruelty that Joe Jackson subjected his children to. She then attempted to blame her hanger-on, her husband/manager, for “making” her put false stories into her book.

      So of course, she wants to see Michael as a victim while also putting herself in the news. Well done, LaToya. Maybe you can get the award for the second-worst nose job in the family and the second-worst decision-making about who to trust.

      Although in this family there’s enough blame to go around for bad nose jobs and bad decisions about who to trust.

  • There is so much plastic in both her and Michael. They should melt Michael down and use the plastic to make Lego. That way the kids can play with him also.

    • been said already pardner, about 100 times. hope you didn’t think you came up with this one.

  • every time i see one of the jacksons with the effed up plastic surgery, I have to ask WHAT WAS JOE JACKSON DOING TO HIS KIDS???? You dont end up looking like you were molded from plastecine without some serious psychological and physical abuse.

  • Michael Jackson paid the ultimate price his death. He has played with fire for years. He did Yoko Ono a favor and hid a lovechild daughter’s inheritance of John Lennon. John Lennon had an affair back in 1963 with a Bronx born woman. She was married. He couldn’t prove it was his daughter. The woman didn’t want her husband to find out she slept with John Lennon. Jackson hid her inheritance for 24 years. Now that has to go to this american daughter. That is why you are seeing a Soho exhibit on John Lennon. Blood stained clothes. Alot of rock bands reuniting after years of not playing. They are getting ready for This lovechild to get her beatle crown. People wake up and smell the coffee. It is boiling over with SCANDAL. Did you see Entertainment tonight last week all Beatle interviews. Ono defending herself. Rolling stone issue of Beatle breakup. This lovechild caused Lennon alot of pain he didn’t want to go to the studio and play anymore because he was heartsick that he couldn’t have his daughter.