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This Is a Conversation That Actually Happened


Chief U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno: What does that mean?

Paris Hilton: Paris Hilton’s My New Best Friend Forever

Chief U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno: This will be my best case forever.

Paris Hilton: You’re my best judge forever.

Yes, this is a conversation that actually took place in a courtroom. Paris Hilton was defending herself against an $8 million lawsuit’s claim that she didn’t do her part to promote the 2006 box-office bomb Pledge This! I guess her new show’s title came up, and it confused the judge.

Basically, when you read the whole article about her testimony, it sounds like the judge was flirting with her and she was flirting right back. She wore six-inch stiletto heels to the courtroom and “amused the judge with a little wave on the way to the witness stand.”

Damn. If I were the prosecution, I’d ask for a mistrial.

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    • Those feet and man-hands are the first things I always notice about Paris and her ridiculous sister.

  • How do you walk in shoes like that!!! OMG. I would die. And be a giant. 5’9″ plus 6 inches? No thanks.

    • You’re a tall girl! You have to wear giant heels to discourage the short men from talking to you and ruining your gene pool. Im 5’10” and I wear L.A.M.B.S. all the time and they are mostly 4 inches high! Luckily I met a guy who is 6’5″. No short ppl in my family : )

      • But i’m already engaged! Haha he’s like 5’11”.
        And apparently high heels can only ever add 2.5 inches no matter the size of the heel unless they have a platform under the ball. Interesting.

      • Um that 2.5 thing isnt true. Are you really saying that a 2 inch heel will give you the same amount of high as a 6 inch heel? You must be confused.

        I have many heels that give me more than 2.5 inches infact i just measured myself in a pair to be sure.

      • I’m not sure about that heel thing either. I have a lot of heels with a platform- that’s how Gwen Stefani makes them, but Im pretty sure that my other heels without a platform add more than 2 inches. I have to bring home a tall guy, otherwise they would be intimidated by the men in my family. Congrats on your engagement!

    • Sadly I’m 6’1″ without heels which means that you would only be 2 inches taller than me with those heels on : ( I wore heels once. Got a lot of stares.

      • One of my girlfriends is 6’1 and she is Chinese!!! She’s is gorgeous and has an amazing body. She wears heels about two inch heels, She loves big muscular guys. She only dates athletes. You just have to be comfortable with your height. If people are looking at you make sure they are jealous!

  • There YSL tributes, Take notes evil beet, that is what you can wear with a dress. Not those gladiator sandals you wore to that party.

    • Except that guess what? Some people don’t want to wear giant heels! I personally think that although the shoes may be “fierce” they border on trashy anytime the heel is over 4 inches.

    • THEY’RE. Take note and know words before you know shoes. And those shoes are not that cool. I’m a pretty major shoe fanatic, but I’ve never been very impressed with the tributes. Ann Demeulemeesters lace-up boot… now, THERE’S a shoe (see what I did there?).

      But I have to agree about the gladiator sandals….

  • I’m all about ridiculous footwear but there’s a time and a place, Paris, a time and a place.

    • That is more of what I was getting at. There is a time and an appropriate outfit to go with such footwear. This court appearance was neither. To me at least, those shoes just bring down the outfit. Yeah I don’t think she should look dowdy and dress like an old lady, but to me it cheapens this outfit to wear those shoes, especially to court.

  • I love that everyone just ended up commenting on her shoes.

    I read the article and it does sound like Paris was flirting. I mean, she GIGGLED. In COURT. But it’s harder to tell if the judge was too. Either way, I think she’ll probably get away with it. BAH.

  • I’m sorry but I love her. She knows she can do whatever the hell she wants, and she just DOES. It’s hilarious.

  • This is a civil trial there is no prosecution there is a plaintiff and the Judge also said Paris is no Meryl Streep. This trial is being held in Federal Court with no jury only Judge Moreno will decide the case. Judge Moreno is an extremely well respected judge. No Judge Ito here believe or not.

  • If he tosses her in prison and makes her pay an enormous fine.. he will be a hero to most of everyone alive in the world today.

  • Yeayea, Abbi is absolulely right about the 2.5 or so unless you have a platform ball. look at it this way, in your bare feet, stand as tall as you can on your tippy toes. that’s the max height you will get no matter the heal size. it’s relative to the length of your own foot. btw way, i love paris bigfoot and all

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  • Judge Moreno sounds like a joke according to the transcript. How anyone can worship a useless whore like Wonky is beyond my comprehension.