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The Madge Clan Does Paris


The latest stop on Madonna’s tour is Paris, and she’s brought all of her kids along for the ride. Lourdes, Rocco, David and Mercy hit up Montemartre and Cathedral Notre Dame this week … with two nannies and a bodyguard. I guess Madonna was busy prepping for the show. But, damn, Mercy’s been a part of Madonna’s family for less than a month, and that little girl’s already seen more of the world than I have.

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  • What is that person next to the nanny trying to hand her? It looks like some of Denzel’s “Blue Magic” from “American Gangster”. HaaaaHaaaa!

  • How strange for this little girl – does anyone in Madonna’s entourage of helpers even speak Chichewa, the language of Malawi?

    I wonder if she’s just scared and lonely; everything about her life is alien and there are no familiar looking faces except for David, who probably can only speak English.

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

  • I feel bad. As I went though the pictures I plotted a big love-scandal between Lourdes and that big body guard in four or five years… hehehe too much celebrity websites for me.

  • Haha It’s okay Beet. Those are the benefits of forming part of the “Madge Clan.”
    Do what I do and watch Rick Steves on PBS, he makes you feel like you’re there.

    • yeah what is up with this site? what happened to kelly? ha- just glad she’s not writing…..but whats happened to the posts? this site is fucking LAME now…im going to TMZ

      • This site is so slow now. Also Wendie and Kelly have changed a once awesome site (thanks Beet) into an interminable mental vomit fest. I come here now to laugh at these asses rather than laugh with them.

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