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Jim Carrey To Be A Grandfather


It doesn’t even seem possible that Jim Carrey is old enough to be a grandfather, but it’s the next role he’s slated for.

Carrey confirmed to E! News that his only child, 21-year-old Jane is expecting her first child with her longtime boyfriend, Nitro.  He’s in music — he fronts the band Blood Money — and his real name is Alex Santana, but can you just imagine the joy of learning that your daughter is knocked up by a dude who answers to Nitro?  Ah, young love.

Hey, does this make Jenny McCarthy a grandmother?  Because my mood will improve considerably if that’s the case.

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  • Is twenty one too young to have a kid?

    Doesn’t matter too much- Daddy’s got lost of money.

    • Up to and including the 70s and 80s most women were having kids in their early 20s. It’s only in recent times that women insist on waiting until they have only one shriveled up egg left to start having kids.

      • ^ yeah, fuck going to college and having a career and being self sufficient!!! Popping out more and kids and contributing to overpopulation is where it’s at!!!!!!

      • I’m just saying it’s natural to have kids in your early 20s. That’s what our bodies were designed to do. I’m 26 and haven’t had any kids yet (and don’t plan to for a while), but I’m sure as hell not waiting until I’m 40 and I have to create my children in a laboratory.

    • I’m pretty sure he put it there on purpose…I mean, look at his facial expression.

  • I was never a big Jim or Jenny fan but I really like them as a couple. They seem pretty low key and happy together.