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The Wedding Is Off!

Bradley Cooper

It’s time for me to say “Goodbye” to my fiance, Bradley Cooper.  I could handle the “dates” he had with Jennifer Aniston and Renee Zellweger.  I found a way (denial) to handle the gay rumors.  But now, he has gone and betrayed me in the worst and most unspeakable way possible.  He is forever tainted.

Here are some pictures of Bradley on the movie set of his upcoming flick, Valentine’s Day.  Pictures of him and … Julia.  Roberts.  What’s next, Bradley?  A cameo on Mischa Barton’s soon-to-be-released, soon-to-be-cancelled Beautiful Life?  You break my heart.

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  • I can’t get over his douchebag role in He’s Just Not That Into Blah Blah. :( So I’m glad you’re divorcing him.

    • I KNOW! That + his role in Wedding Crashers make it hard for me to like him. Although I have to admit I at least found him attractive in The Hangover.

      • YES! I was anti-Bradley til The Hangover. And he’s just plain sex in that movie.

        Oh the things I would do to him.. Lol

  • what’s julia hiding there? could it be…*GASP*…another baby bump?!

  • Uhm, did you see the cast for the rest of the movie? Jessica Alba AND Jessica Beal? Why in the world…?

  • How do you know that the Beautiful Life is going to be cancelled?
    Can you predict the future?

  • Eww, if he’s come even remotely close to Julia Roberts, I no longer want to touch him with a 10 foot pole.

  • you are the most uneducated gossip blogger i have ever come across. do you know anything about the people you include in your posts?

    Bradley Cooper and Julie Roberts worked together in 2006, acting in “Three Days of Rain” on Broadway.

    They are old friends. She knew him before he was the famous, desirable guy he is today.

    Get over yourself.

    • And what, like you have his black book? “They are old friends” is amazing to hear from someone who isn’t their publicist.

      Perhaps YOU should get over YOURself.

      • It’s well documented all over the internet. And since we are both reading a gossip blog, you can’t deny the “reliability” of the source.