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Family Time!

Nahla Ariela Aubry, Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry

The impossibly beautiful Halle Berry has been spending time at a beach in Miami with her impossibly beautiful boyfriend Gabriel Aubry and their impossibly beautiful daughter Nahla.  Could these three be more attractive?  It’s just not, well, possible.

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  • All this hero worship for Shiloh…Nahla is where it’s at!

    Nahla > Shiloh

    Suck it Brangelunatics.

  • i can’t wait til bruno comes out this friday!!! because then i can be in peace looking at my pictures without him popping up everywhere! UGH…

    • THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one who wanted to punch someone in the ovaries because of those Bruno ads. GAH.

  • That baby is WEE-TARD-ED. “It” looks like it has downs syndrome. And what morons the parents are, who names their kid after a lion in a fargin disney movie?????

    • I think YOU are the retarded one! That little girl is gorgeous! I’d love to see what you look like. Plus, how stupid to talk about a baby like that. This is one beautiful family. I love her name. Go to hell Ron b.

    • Excuse me, they win the gorgeous family award. No questions.
      Not to mention, her name is Nahla and the lion’s name is Nala.
      It’s way more shameful that you’re named after a fictional side-kick wizard…

  • I assume that her father was white and she has daddy issues?

    Just playing amateur psychologist. I would play her daddy any time.

    • Damn, I was wrong. Her mom was white.

      Coincidentally though her mom was a psychiatric nurse. Maybe I should get with her instead. I could use the therapy.

    • Agreed.

      And since my comment was apparently too short: Nahla is SO adorable! And Halle looks like a great mother.

      • Really? His chest is the width of 4 toddler legs. And this is WITH the camera adding 10 pounds! What’s there to hold on to? Ha. Oh well, vive la différence! :)

  • Halle looks like a great mother, and may every Jack has his Jill.
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  • You’re overcompensating for that nasty Rachel Weisz comment, aren’t you? They’re OK, nice looking people- impossibly beautiful- not hardly.

    • agreed. not impossibly beautiful people. and, at a glance i thought the dude was owen wilson. not ugly but definitely not overly handsome. nice to see ms berry wearing sun protection on her cabeza. hoping they are happy and healthy. am not worshiping their looks.