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Somebody Else Actually Wants To Take Credit For This Crap


This is so hysterical.  Some chemist, Jennifer Sunday, is suing Lindsay Lohan and her tan-in-a-bottle partner-in-crime Lorit Simon, claiming that the patchy twosome stole her formula for what eventually ended up being Sevin Nyne self-tanner.

According to Sunday, she was working on a self-tanner formula with Simon and they were in the price negotiation phase when Simon went forth and produced and marketed the product with Lindsay Lohan.  Now, she wants a cut of the profits.  Profits?  Bwahahahahaha!

Here’s a little business strategy that Jennifer Sunday is welcome to utilize:  Any parties responsible for participating in the development of Sevin Nyne should distance themselves from it as much as possible if they have any aspirations to land a potentially lucrative cosmetic product contract ever again.

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