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Michael Jackson Laid To Rest


Today is the Staples Center celebrity-studded bash memorial service for Michael Jackson.  If you live in L.A., I’d like to extend my condolences to you right now.  I predict that the city will be shut down.  Speaking of the city, isn’t Los Angeles running at a deficit?  Because this cluster is costing about $3.5M.  How is paying for this?  I mean, Michael Jackson was a singer.  Dead presidents don’t get this much honor.

The morning began with a private funeral service for family members to attend — that’s happening now.  Afterward, the 10-car motorcade will proceed onward to the Staples Center for the big concert memorial service. 

Originally the Jackson family intended on charging $25 a ticket, but that plan was quickly abandoned.  Hopefully, that plan was quickly abandoned because they realized that it was crass to capitalize on their son’s death.  The cynic in me asks:  “Who wants to take bets that there will be a Jackson Memorial Tribute DVD on the market before the holiday gift-giving season?”

Anyway, today would be a terrific day for any celebs to be arrested for solicitation or to get caught cheating.  Media coverage is going to be all MJ, all day.  And I’m sorry for that.

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  • So someone should tell Britney that she can have a coffee somewhere in LA without her bodyguards. Under the radar quasi… haha.

    Does Britney live in LA at all? Hm, I don’t know. I have to go go and iron my MJ-flag.

  • I heard his body would be on display! That just creeps me out. And, YES, L.A. and the entire state of California are in a major deficit but they still had a laker parade and they’re doing this which tells me that it’s not a major priority to them. It will instead come out of my taxes. RAD.

  • I heard that the police department and other city officials are taking donations, since they aren’t able to really pay for all the protection that they’re obligated to provide for big crowds like this.

  • The city is in fact taking donations… That said, the extra revenue from hotel rooms, restaurants and other sundries related to people streaming into the city (press and fans) to both see the service and visit Neverland, etc, should offset most if not all of the costs.

    As far as the DVD, this ‘service’ is being run by AEG, not the family, so I am CERTAIN there will be a package avail, whether the family sees any of it, who knows. AEG still looks to take a huge hit on the London project.

    • Are you serious? Asking hotels, restaurants and such to give up their profits when they’ve been in a slump for months, maybe years? Maybe Michael Jackson’s freaking family could spring for a memorial service for the beloved son that has been supporting them for most of his life and will continue to do so beyond the grave. They are truly sickening.

  • All I know is I don’t care about Michael Jackson and it’s annoying that it’s interrupting my daily programming (soap opera addiction is not something to be taken lightly).

    • It won’t really affect my day, because they aren’t interrupting Noggin for funeral coverage…
      Isn’t there a channel devoted to airing reruns of soaps? I understand soap opera addiction. I’m addicted to Korean dramas. I hope those aren’t interrupted…

    • It’s pretty terrible that you could be so cold hearted. A man has died and all your worried about is your fake A** shows.. There is something so wrong with you!!

  • Michael was more than a “singer”.
    He was an entertainer! And he influeneced alot of people! Celebrity and otherwise. Most US presidents don’t deserve this kind of honour, that’s why they don’t get it!
    You can critisize all you want but at the end of the day, it still shows that Michael was and always will be the biggest and the best.
    And furthermore, who cares about stupid celebrity affairs. THIS is news that’s worthy of reporting! You wouldn’t recognize that of course because you’re not an actual reporter. You’re a celebrity gossip blogger… Is this your real “job”… Do you do anything besides this?
    You’re sorry for not being able to report fluff news. Ha. I’m sorry for you?

    • Guess your value system needs to grow up a lot more. Michael Jackson was a has-been kid toucher who hadn’t done anything worthwhile in over a decade.

      Of course entertainers deserve more honors than US presidents! Moron.

      • MY value system needs to grow up? What the fuck does that even mean? You BRAIN needs to grow up a bit more… Try making sense ok?
        And did he touch YOU? You know nothing.

    • I agree. Michael Jackson was much more than just a singer. He made a significant impact on the world and his death deserves more news coverage and respect than the washed up, crack-headed celebrity stories that take up space on this site.

    • People like you are the reason MJ bleached his skin and wanted to raise white kids instead of black. If ignorance is bliss, you must be the happiest moron on the planet.

      • ::blank stare::

        How is she saying that Michael Jackson was an entertainer worthy of the praises he’s getting now correspond to the fact that he didn’t want to raise Black children…I’m lost. Please, elaborate. I’m rather intruiged…

      • I’m ignorant? Because I’m a fan of Michael? Please explain my ignorance.
        I think YOU’RE the ignorant one. And a racist, I might add. Like Adum said, PLEASE elaborate your philosophy!! Because right now, you’re making no sense.

  • HURRAY!!! PTL!!! I am so glad they are finally putting this pedophile in the ground. I cannot believe we have spent 2 weeks(?) of coverage on this clown and his family. I don’t even think our House & Senate have been given this kind of coverage — ever — and they are considering one of the biggest pieces of legislation in history — healthcare coverage for all Americans. I say good riddance, sayanara, see ya later, tata for now. What a loser — what a waste of human excrement. He could have been great but just turned into a freak of human being.

    And now back to our regular broadcasts….

  • I wonder if MJ is looking down from Heaven or wherever right now going “Ahh I can’t believe she posted THAT picture of me! After all the surgeries and facial changes, THIS is the last picture that people see of me?! Aghhh!”

      • yeah EB has really turned to shit man…i’m with you & going to check TMZ, there are plenty of other blogs out there that post consistently, its a shame really because i really liked this site a lot & enjoyed the writers very much (except Kelly) anyway i guess i’m going to just have to beat it tata evilbeet

    • This site has gone to hell.
      It was much better before, but now… Pluh.
      The posts aren’t even worth reading anymore.
      Most of them, I just gloss over.

      • Not to stir the pot or anything…ok, totally just to stir the pot, but you are certainly spending a lot of time commenting for someone who thinks this site has gone to hell.

  • Can we move on now that we all realize life as we know it is not going to end since MJ died?

  • Why are you all blaming MJ and his family for the coverage. Surely they didn’t demand that every station broadcast the services. Maybe you should allow people to grieve and blame your stations(CBS,ABC,etc.) for ignoring your need to watch soaps or whatever may be your desire. As for those ignorant to call a dead man names? be sure you know what happened and not just rumors and speculation. Also the first child who accused him and got the pay off recanted his story just last week to several UK papers

    • Agreed, Tonya. If people don’t want to watch all the coverage they should turn off the television and stop bitching, because that certainly isn’t going to make the coverage stop. Too many people gave a damn about this man and the great things he did. And if you contest the fact that he did, in fact, do great things…well, you’re mistaken.

      As much as I love reading Evil Beet, I wish Beet and Wendie would stop covering this story. Let’s poke fun at the living, not insult the dead.

  • I had to head to school over an hour early just to avoid the traffic.

    i suppose getting home isn’t going to be so easy either.

    And considering that I’m in a teacher’s credential program that’s having a tough time because California couldn’t afford to have summer school this year. yeah this pisses me off.

  • Wendie– I send my condolances to you for being so absolutely ignorant.

    This is a memorial service for an Icon, but aside from the a son, brother, father and friend. How disrespectful of you to make such comments.

    Maybe you should tune into this memorial service and see how much of an impact this man has made. One man who has done so much good for the world, aside from the scandals. A lot more than you– sitting beside your computer casting judgement on people you don’t even know… for a living.

  • As for how they’re paying for – California requires police to work 3 days out of a month for FREE if they want to keep their job. So perhaps this is a day they work for free.

    And for why he is being honored much more then a president – he has done only good in this world unlike presidents. He has changed the music industry and changed peoples lives. More than a president can say.

    Lastly, I’m with the other people who agree how ignorant and rude you are being over this. You haven’t done nothing with your life in comparison.

    • What about Jimmy Carter? I know he’s still alive and well, but talk about someone who has been working his entire life to serve humanity. He has done a lot of good in this world. He has changed many peoples lives….and guess what: HE WAS A PRESIDENT.

      People, get over yourselves. You’re talking about MJ like he was a god. Yes, he does deserve to be honored, but this is to the extreme. Our state is in a budget crisis. The elderly and the developmentally disabled are getting IOU’s, teachers are losing their jobs, programs are being cut, police and firemen are losing their jobs or having to work more hours which makes them more tired and more likely to make mistakes……that affects all of us MORE than MJ’s death. That’s affects our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren…..

      • I totally agree. This is getting out of control. What about the presidents who helped fight for our freedoms: independence from Britain, end of slavery, civil rights movement, etc. This can’t compare to what Michael Jackson did?

        What about a memorial concert to Mother Teresa who dedicated her entire life to caring for the sick and poor?

      • And to say the we have done nothing with our lives that could compare to what MJ did is just stupid. You have no idea what I do. Yes, I certainly don’t have as much money as MJ did to donate to charities and such, but I DONATE MY TIME.

      • Well Im sure when he dies he will get a send off befitting his work. MJ had a balanced life, giving to charities, being raked over the coals by the media, falsely accused and paying off persistent fame seekers who wanted money. He donated much to many causes and today was the last hurrah. So to all you self centered, judgmental, hypocritical people who have obviously never done anything wrong in life, take a chill pill and relax. Its all over now. Continue in your perfectly sinfree lives and remember one day you will be laid to rest and perhaps ALL will remember your good deeds and refuse to say a bad thing about you because you are dead and they will respect that.

    • You can’t blame MJ’s death because of the media’s lack of coverage of soldiers. The media has not done a great job covering this war in the first place.

  • I was not a hugh Michael fan, but I did watch the memorial, when his daughter spoke, I cried..people seem to forget that these three innocent children lost thier father. And for all the craziness in his life, he was a great humanitarian, who gave millions of dollars to charities around the world, and didn’t announce it to the media like some stars do. And just in case some of these haters are reading, in the USA..the law states that you are innocent until PROVEN guilty..the fact that Michael settled out of court, tells the true nature of the parents of these was all about money!

    • You care so much about the children then where was your outrage when this pedophile ordered the kids like a meal order from a fast food restaurant?

    • EXACTLY!
      Aside from the fact that the stupid little liar retracting his statement…
      WHY would the parents settle out of court?
      ANY molester touching my child and I’d make sure his head sits on my mantle! NO amount of money is worth my child’s innocence. You haters need to get your facts straight.

  • EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • How much do you have? It’s going to cost you, but I wouldn’t put anything past his money-grubbing family.

  • I think a lot of people posting are really insensitive. Whether you like him or not, he did impact pop culture in a major way. I’m not a huge fan of MJ, but I can respect the fact that a lot of people were moved by him and will miss him.

    Also, how would you feel if someone important to you died, and people said things like “I don’t care” or “he’s beating off in hell anyway”?

    • I think Joy is right. What Donkey should have said was, “He’s beating off in Purgatory”. That’s much kinder.

  • Trini,
    Don’t you have a job to go to or something? Isn’t there some gummint cheese you need to be pickin up? You sure are wrapped up in this MJ thing. I think you need some serious help.

    • You must not keep up very well. Trini has a very important job working for a very well known communications company. She’s the real deal. Don’t forget it.

  • I am not concerned about LA nor the state of California taking a “Hit” for the cost associated with Michael Jackson’s Memorial. After all, they thought Nothing of allowing that low-life liar and publicity seeking Tom Sneedon to literally persecute Michael Jackson for a crime he did NOT commit, all because of this Prosecuter’s and the Media’s desire to make a name for themselves to “Get Micahel Jackson!” The way I see it, they “owe” it to him and MORE!!