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Blake Lively Doesn’t Exercise. Of Course.


Blake Lively, one of the chicks from Gossip Girl, is on August’s Glamour UK cover, proclaiming her inability to diet.  According to Lively, she has no willpower to eat well or exercise. 

“I do panic before I have to wear a really skimpy outfit, but I don’t have enough willpower,” she tells the August issue of UK Glamour Magazine. “I had to do a scene in a bra and shorts for the first time in two years,” she continues. “On the day of the shoot, I ate a pork burrito, chips and coke. Afterwards, I thought, ‘I probably shouldn’t have done that.’ But whatever.”

So maybe she doesn’t eat right, but at least she exercises, right? Wrong! “I have never worked out, but I know you feel better when you do,” she says, “so I am planning on getting a trainer.”

You know, I’m getting so sick and tired of all these “I Do Absolutely Nothing To Earn My Size Two Physique” confessions.  I want, like, Camryn Manheim to confess that she sleeps with a bag of pork rinds in her bed.  That I could accept.  Hearing that Blake “My Dress Size Will Always Be Eight Less Than My Shoe Size” Lively contributes absolutely nothing to her appearance is just … depressing.

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  • It’ll catch up with her eventually…well, most likely. I used to be a size nothing without working out and while eating anything I could find. However, now I’m in my mid-20’s and things aren’t as easy anymore in the last year or 2. I can see the effects of what I eat moreso than before.

    She better enjoy it while she can and the metabolism is high…

    • I’m 19 and I KNOW my metabolism will fail me in like a year so I’m eating as shitty as I can until then to take full advantage of my favorite foods (I eat at least 3000 calories when I go to Taco Bell). Once the metabolism slows I’m cutting myself off, eating healthy and exercising.

      • You two know absolutely nothing about science do you?
        Cause you look like a couple of regular FUCKING SCIENTISTS! FFS!


      • I know that I’m no where near fat right now and I love my body. I know that because of genetics when i reach a certain age I’m going to start to gain weight and my insides are going to start to turn to goo. Before that happens i’m going to change my life style. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying everything while you still have time to. Life is too short for me to never taste the heaven that is junk food. I’ll switch to salad and small portions when I need to.

        It doesn’t have anything to do with knowing about science, it’s common knowledge at this point.

      • Abbi: Don’t take that comment seriously or personally. Every time I post on here there’s some D-bag who feels the need to write some obscene, irrelevant comment (w/no pic and a changing name). Just ignore him/her.

  • Agreed, Wendie, this stuff makes me crazy. Her statements perpetuate laziness and poor health and are simultaneously self-aggrandizing, “Oooo! I look amazing and I just don’t try! In fact, I eat trash and still look amazing naked!” That said, she lacks tone and I foresee a Mischa-like future for her rear end unless she does indeed get that personal trainer.

  • It kinda shows I guess. When you watch the show (cause nothing else is on besides Cash Cab) she looks kinda heavy. She’s not toned at all.

  • i ate crap and didn’t exercise in high school and i was very thin.
    then i tured 25 and it all went downhill. I would give anything to be my 18 year old size again!!

  • And all you fat assholes out there will be the first sluts to say a thin woman MUUUUUUUST have some type of body dismorphic issue or claim they shit and puke their meals up to stay thin.

    Face it. All body types are different. Every single persons chemical make up is different.

    You got a little hefty at a certain age? Thats YOUR issue. Im sick of hearing all these so called “women” complain about their bodies.

    How about you put down the fucking Cosmo magazines, stop watching bul shit teen shows when you know youre a grown ass adult, and focus on more important shit?

    It is already well established that the media pushes an idea of beauty on to you for the purpose of selling you more products. Wake up and realize no one cares about the size of your ass besides YOU. Go and enjoy your life for what it is, not what it could LOOK like.

    Stop bashing other women you bunch of bitches then maybe folks wont read your stupid ass comments and call you the fat assholes that you are.

    • Well that was uncalled for. I don’t see any “fat assholes” on here claiming anything about Blake Lively. Maybe you’re the one with the issues???

      • Here’s something I’m claiming about Blake Lively. I think she’s sporting a cameltoe, the pencil think loser.

      • She will have a massive cameltoe as soon as she raises her arms above her waist! Hahahahahaha hilarious and gross at the same time.

    • “It is already well established that the media pushes an idea of beauty on to you for the purpose of selling you more products. Wake up and realize no one cares about the size of your ass besides YOU. Go and enjoy your life for what it is, not what it could LOOK like.”

      Fucking A.

    • Hmmm – “Stop bashing other women”:
      “all you fat assholes
      the first sluts
      put down the fucking Cosmo magazines
      stop watching bul shit teen shows
      youre a grown ass adult,
      no one cares about the size of your ass besides YOU
      you bunch of bitches
      stupid ass comments
      the fat assholes that you are”

      Please says, practice what you preach. Or are you a man, so you think that you can bash women but women can’t?

  • I propose that some of you, including the blog writer think for a few moments before shooting off. She’s filming all day and she likes some sports. If you are an active person you will definitely burn a lot of calories without intentional exercise.
    I dont know how this perpetuates laziness.

  • Her lifestyle requires being active, she’s on set about 16hrs a day filming. She takes part in sports as hobbies too. Maintaining activity will keep you slim. How is that a bad thing?

  • As others have said, she’s def active and althought I think she’s beautiful I can def see her body is not athletic and doesn´t really look as thin as other celebreties.

    I can actually believe everything she says because she doesn’t look impossibly thin and seems to have a relatively normal body

  • Well, she’s very tall, about 5’10”. A lot of taller women are able to maintain lower BMI’s because of their height.

      • I’m almost 6 ft and totally thin.. until you reach my ass.. entirely tragic :’C Then it slims back down again after the thighs, ewwwww! XD

  • I always thought of Blake Lively as one of the more “normal-looking” young actresses in terms of weight. Yeah, she’s thin, but she’s certainly not the bone-baring, stick-like starlet that seems to be far more common. That said, I admit to being envious of her metabolism or whatever it is that allows her to look that good with (allegedly) doing so little to achieve it.

  • I guess I am alone in thinking she’s really…not that pretty. She looks way older than nineteen and either has meth face or tons or sun damage. Meh!

    • When I first saw Gossip Girl, I thought Blake Lively was at least 28, 29 and suspected she was in her thirties. When I read she was actually younger than Leighton Meester and thus in her very early twenties, I was in complete shock.

  • It’s not depressing. I eat reasonably well and exercise reasonably often to maintain.. a reasonable figure, I suppose.

    Look after yourself, for yourself. I wouldn’t eat a pork burrito with chips and a coke becuase it has ZERO nutritional value and I would feel like rubbish for the rest of the day.

    Everyone’s got something somebody else doesn’t have. If she wants to poison her body with coke and clog her arteries with gunk- all power to her.

  • I recently turned 30 and have lost the most weight I have ever lost in my life. I was on antidepressants which I know add bloat. But I didn’t change any other habits and lost about 25 lbs and was never fat! I am very glad that I have lost weight as people for once actually call me skinny. Which I don’t see but I was an avid figure skater for about 15 years and so I have always had muscle tone. I do agree that blake does not have any ,muscle tone, and neither does Leighton and I think thats something Hollywood pushing on you or not, and I think that is not sexy. I think a woman with curves and muscle tone is what is sexy. No guy likes to touch a woman who is thin but complete mush!

    • Muscle tone on women IS not sexy. Skinny mush is aesthetically pleasing and what some guys refer to as a ‘bit of meat on the bones’ is the mush. Blake Lively is incredible. Some girls like her have the genetic make up to be pretty much perfect from a guys point of view. Women must accept the fact that others are born to be beautiful. You can not just acquire the beauty that others are born with. Blake Lively is incredibly lucky.

  • I personally feel that Blake looks good. Shes not one of those stars who feel that they have to be bone thin, I love that about her. I am tall and weigh a good amount. I’m thin and don’t have to do much of anything, just like Blake. I do think that she could eat healthier though, because it would make her feel better.