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  • This track is so over-produced that you can’t tell whether or not she can actually sing. I suspect that she can’t because that’s the only real reason to over-produce any track.

    • Exactly…I just can’t respect someone as a musician if they are so overproduced (and if I could probably sing as well as them). And I doubt she wrote the music or lyrics so why does she have a recording contract, again?

  • Maybe I am too cynical but a sex tape slips out and a few weeks later new music leaks. Does anybody other then me think this is all orchestrated by a shady publicist?

  • The first time I heard it I thought it was a piece of crap. The second time was catchy… I stopped during the third time because I realised I was listening to a pop song that is marketed towards 12 year olds and I was enjoying it…

    *hangs head in shame*

  • Her voice is as over-processed on this track as it is on “good Girls go Bad” which was a little catchier. Nothing memorable about this song or her in general. I think onesizefitsmost is right on, great generic gym song for a workout. Not even catchy enough to be a Britney song.

  • it’s really catchy…but really dumb. and even if she DID have anything to do with it, creatively speaking, why would that make me like it any more? there is absolutely nothing interesting about it.

  • Not every song needs be like the best ever. Something brainless and fluffy is just fun crank up and dance around in your undies!

  • “I thought it was dumb. And then a strange thing happened: I really, really wanted to listen to it again. And then again. And then again. And now I’m on the sixth listen and I can’t stop.”

    That happens to me all the time, sadly. Last time was “Birthday Sex”.

    • Thank god I’m not the only person who thought that. I still don’t like the song but can’t stop listening to it =(

  • I can’t even hear her real voice. It sounds like Heidi Montag but just a little bit better.

    Do people even need to actually sing anymore to put out an album?

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