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Quincy Jones Tells It Straight


After reading an entire Quincy Jones interview on the website, I have a new found respect for this dude.  Finally, a celebrity is willing to speak the truth regarding Michael Jackson.  Jackson was an addict, he didn’t want to be black as evidenced by his skin bleaching and white, adopted kids, and he lied about having conditions that he probably didn’t suffer from.

Q: You were there to witness the strange evolution in Michael’s appearance. Did you ever step in and saying anything about it?
A: Oh, we talked about it all the time. But he’d come up with, “Man, I promise you I have this disease,” and so forth, and “I have a blister on my lungs,” and all that kind of b.s. It’s hard, because Michael’s a Virgo, man—he’s very set in his ways. You can’t talk him out of it. Chemical peels and all that stuff.

QDid you believe him about the disease?
A: I don’t believe in any of that bullshit, no. No. Never. I’ve been around junkies and stuff all my life. I’ve heard every excuse. It’s like smokers—”I only smoke when I drink” and all that stuff. But it’s bullshit. You’re justifying something that’s destructive to your existence. It’s crazy. I mean, I came up with Ray Charles, man. You know, nobody gonna pull no wool over my eyes. He did heroin 20 years! Come on. And black coffee and gin for 40 years. But when he called me to come over to see him when he was in the hospital on his way out, man, he had emphysema, hepatitis C, cirrhosis of the liver, and five malignant tumors. Please, man! I’ve been around this all my life. So it’s hard for somebody to pull the wool over my eyes. But when somebody’s hell-bent on it, you can’t stop ’em. 

Q: But it must’ve been so disturbing to see Michael’s face turn into what it turned into.
A: It’s ridiculous, man! Chemical peels and all of it. And I don’t understand it. But he obviously didn’t want to be black.

Q: Is that what it was?
A: Well, what do you think? You see his kids?

Jones also revealed that he won’t be attending the funeral, because “being there with 10 million people is not my idea of a tribute to somebody you were so close to—who’s got a part of your soul. Our souls were joined, you know. And a piece of it goes with him.”

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  • I love that Quincy just has the one face…
    I hate when people bullshit about who somebody was after they die, or say the opposite of what they would’ve said a week before they died.
    I think I just generally hate bullshit.
    So now I love Quincy.

  • i think micahel just didn’t want to look like he was a part of that family. after all the shit joe put hime through. he wanted to look completely different than him.

    • Yeah, but the whole family got the same ridiculous nose job, too thin, turned up pug nose- Mom, Dad, Janet, LaToya.

  • You don’t ever stop do you. Perez, you are just trying to vindicate yourself for the horrible things you said the day this man passed. I read the whole article, NO where does it say that he was a addict. NO where does it discuss his children, NO where does it say Michael said he wanted to be white. Michael was just a man like the rest of us, flawed, needy, and maybe made some questionable decision, but that’s what we humans do. What Qunicy said was his opinion, NO where did he say that this was fact. He said he didn’t think there was a skin problem, but also said he was not a doctor. Where’s a good hacker when you need one. Somebody needs to take the site down, and keep taking down until this ASS gets the message. I wish there was a way to make you experience the pain you cause. What you have said could be so hurtful to his children. Whether he is there biological father or not, that was a family and you need to respect that. Being blood related doesn’t make you a parent. I’m an adopt child and I know the pain people like you caused. Have a heart, back up and leave them alone. Better yet, go call another man a faggot, but please just run this time.

    • Uhm, why did someone refer to this site as Perez? Way weird.

      Anyways, the more I learn about Micheal’s private life, the more empathy I feel towards him. He must have been so confused, so tormented, and so sad.

    • Do you know what site you’re on? Or what planet? If that’s what you get from this site, I would totally reason that you also missed the majority of the contents of the interview, as well. Since you mentioned it, I totally think you should go back to Perez-land, douche.

    • Hopefully you are just asking out of curiosity, but there are creams that you can put on your skin to bleach it, and the interview above talked about a chemical peel. I think it’s terrible that such things exist. No one should ever feel the need to bleach their skin to change it’s color.

      • Dammit! Excuse me. I thought megan’s comment was the one I typed. Need to be more careful.

        But I will say, I personally know people who have tried to bleach their skin for YEARS and never looked any lighter than maybe one shade. That kind of de-pigmentation is NOT the result of creams and chemical peels.

    • As far as I know, one cannot. One can, however, de-pigment skin as a part of treating vitiligo. But I, like Quincy, am not a doctor. I just think if someone says they are dealing with a progressive skin disorder (and dermatologists have testified to this fact under oath) and you can’t prove otherwise, it’s unbelievably rude to decide for yourself that he just hated black skin.

      • I agree that you should be respectful due to the possibility that they are telling the truth about their disease, but I have two main reasons for believing that Michael was full of shit about any skin disease and intentionally changed his skin colour:
        1) His skin got progressively paler, rather than being all white in one area and all black in another — it was a gradual change in skin colour all over
        2) The fact that he got a blonde woman and white man to produce his children. He obviously didn’t identify as African American or didn’t want his children to
        Actually, another minor point: I’ve seen pictures of Prince Michael I with bleached hair, even as a small child — maybe Michael wanted him to look more Aryan (just speculating, of course)

      • 1.) My (admittedly limited) understanding of the disease is that some people spot or splotch so extensively that the recommended treatment is de-pigmentation, to try to get most of the skin the same color. That’s when it’s beyond a covering it with makeup point.

        2.) Michael Jackson always identified himself as a black man. I’ve never heard ANY different. And really, Quincy Jones’ kids look JUST like Michael Jackson’s kids. All of Q’s partners have been blonde women. So you know, stones and glass houses and all that.

        3.) Thanks for admitting that you’re speculating about the kids’ bleached hair. I don’t know about you, but depending on the time of year, the sun naturally bleaches my hair.

        I say all this, not as a devoted fan, but as someone who truly believes that it is wrong and irresponsible to deny someone suffered from a disease/disorder because said disease doesn’t present in the way you think it should.

      • I haven’t seen all of Q’s offspring.
        The three i have seen, have claerly the phenotype of African ascent
        Q had kids with 4 blonde women, right?
        But I believe the kids were biologically his own, and homemade, which can’t compare with thre method MJ used, clearly to be sure the kids would not resemble him at all.
        And that gives room to lots of speculation.

      • 1) You said it yourself: people’s skin blotches or spots white. His skin gradually became paler. Look at the change between Off the Wall and Thriller, and then between Thriller and Bad, and then between Bad and Dangerous. His skin became lighter, but not blotchy. His blotches could have been covered up with makeup, but all of his skin did gradually fade, indicating that it was not Vitiligo.
        2) Quincy Jones’s kids look mixed race, because he used his own, African American sperm to create them.
        3) His kid’s hair was bleached blonde. I’ve seen bleached blonde hair vs. sun bleached hair and there is a very significant difference.

  • Yeah, take that Jaimee Foxx you suckass racial tension promoter. Same goes for the talentless Puffy Combs. Finally, a black man willing to speak the truth. Proof there is a god (although he’s most definitely white. sorry).

      • I guess I would be if I believed there was a god. Based on most of the posters here, I believe we all evolved from apes, and the white ones are genetic freaks.

      • I don’t believe God and evolution are mutually exclusive, but that has nothing to do with anything.

  • Do you blame him for wanting to change how he looked after the shit his dad put him through? Poor thing. And I appreciate Quincy telling it like it is. I hate how people bullshit after someone’s death. It’s obvious from the Oprah interview and stuff that his dad and up-bringing effected him. It’s sad though. addiction’s a terrible thing.

  • There’s no way in hell, possible for a black man or female, after bleaching or chemical peel to be that white, or else all the women in Africa using bleaching cream, would have done it. I’m sure at some point he had a skin disease…

    • I feel sorry for you. Did you think about what you were gonna type before you posted it???? Seriously. “or else all the women in Africa using [sic] bleaching cream”.. I have to stop reading these idiotic comments. Please spare us. Do something positive like read a book. If that’s too challenging, go back to the tanning salon, or apply more of that product Lindsay Lohan is hawking… Seriously. Oh, and by the way….tanning salons and self-tanners alter the look of one’s pale skin by making it darker. Skin lightening creams are generally used by darker skinned people to even skintone.

  • Too bad he was not Michaels biological father. Imagine Michael growing up “normal”? His potential would have been unbelievable!

  • Dear Quincy Jones,

    Please kindly suck my balls. Michael Jackson had vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin condition that eliminates the melonin in your skin. I too have it however I have fair skin so it does not show, however in patients with darker skin it is common for them to bleach their skin in order to not draw huge attention to the condition. Vitiligo cannot be cured only treated. Seriously, it’s not okay to say that stuff no matter how you feel.

  • All the people at the ‘so said TOP’ of the ladder (money wise) always have their own clics and ways….Mr Jackson was worlds away starting young…I would not be surprised if a few years later they will be doing some sort of tribute and be doing THRILLER and Micheal will pop out of a coffin and blow everybodies minds…or they will take his DNA and grow another Micheal and he will be the new messiah. You just never know about him –he knew how to promote himself to the extreme…

  • You know, if I had vitiligo, and was as rich as Michael Jackson, I’d probably end up bleaching all of my skin too. Why wouldn’t he? It’s something he was ashamed of. Not that he was ashamed of being black, but having this disease. It’s APPARENT that he did have it in the late eighties, but had makeup to cover it up..

    God. Let the guy rest in peace already, you didn’t believe him when he WAS alive, you still don’t when he’s dead. So what’s the point.
    All that matters is that he’s in a better place.

  • Why do people act like you can’t say the shit about MJ, now that he’s dead, that most of us said about him when he was alive? This is not some racist inflamatory comment, it would be if it had been said by a white guy – but it wasn’t. This was a black man seeing, from a perspective that none of us had, that this dude did NOT want to be black. And I agree, MJ has never had the splotches of depigmentation that you see on people with the disease. His entire body slowly, systematically became white one shade at a time. He married two white women, he adopted 3 white children, had numerous surgical procedures to eliminate his black features – he wanted to be Peter Fuckin’ Pan. Jeebus… Quincy’s comment doesn’t mean that he didn’t care about Michael, just that his dials were set to self-destruct & you cannot stop that freight train if the conductor doesn’t acknowledge that he’s off the tracks.

  • Why are all of your random posters saying so definitely that he either did or didn’t have it due to the fact that he either did or didn’t have a skin colour change all at once?

    I think a hell of a lot of people commenting here must have spent a long time following MJ around look at his naked body to work this stuff out…

    Because I, like you all, lived through the same era and can say with certainty that I have absolutely no idea what the hell was happening under his clothes…

  • Just another comment about Michael’s kids. I don’t know or care if they’re biologically his (he’s the only father they know, so 3 kids still lost their dad), but it’s simply wrong to assume they’re not based on their looks. There are many, many black/white biracial people who do not “look” black. Quincy Jones’ daughter Rashida is one of them. There’s also:

    Wentworth Miller (Prison Break)
    Slash (Guns and Roses)
    Jennifer Beals (L Word)
    Mariah Carey (so some say. She’s ALWAYS looked black to me)
    Bill Burton (Obama’s press corps)

    Again, my comments are not from a rabid MJ fan. I just think it’s wrong to deny someone’s disease, kids, ethnicity, etc. because they don’t present themselves the way YOU think they should.

    • you understand you provide examples of people who have a lot of different genetic influences
      that’s not the case of MJ, born to a couple of pure African ascent, and it’s well known that the african features, in such pure state, dominate over caucasian features most of the times….seldom you have the recessive genes showing out, but usually in a mix with the dominant ones, as happens, for instance, with Boris Becker daughter, who has African features, is fair skinned, a blonde and blue eyed
      of course there are exceptions, but you don’t have three exceptions in the same house, from the same father
      this is genetics law, not the way I think it is

      • You understand that you have absolutely no way of showing that Joe and Katherine Jackson are of “pure” African ascent, right? Also, that’s probably nowhere close to true. I’m much darker skinned than either of them and my grandmother could EASILY pass for white. Slash’s mother is a dark-skinned (presumably pure African descended) woman. Don Cheadle was found to have significant European ancestry. You can’t tell by his looks.

        I’m not arguing that the kids are biologically his. I’ve said already, I don’t care. As far as they’re concerned, they lost their father, either way. I’m saying you cannot make these determinations based on how they look. And one family I work with (educator) absolutely defies your assertion that the “whiter-looking” exception cannot happen in one family. It is rare. But it is possible.

      • you keep writing about skin color and I keep writing about facial features in people of African ascent, because it all goes well beyond color
        Don Cheadle has obviously mixed racial features…that nose tells it all
        not MJ’s mother, fether and siblings…none of them inherited features other than negroid
        that’s genetics and how it operates
        Happy July 4!!!

      • Yeah, Robin, I know. I’d read that already and actually believe it (though the interview it came is allegedly fake). I said down-thread that this particular issue of it being so OBVIOUS because of how they look is what struck a nerve. Because of my own (multiracial) family situation, I know it’s hurtful, and false, to say someone’s OBVIOUSLY not family because “just look at them!!”

  • and it’s okay for people to skin cancer their way to looking as dark as possible, however- going the other way is so impossible to understand.

    • Here, here! Tanning salons, darkening creams that give that “glow” (read: orangutan orange)… Skin lighteners are generally used to even skintone and lighten blemishes.

    • Here, here! Tanning salons, tanning creams that give that “glow” (read: orangutan orange hue)! Unlike said products, skin lighteners are often used to even skintone and remove blemishes.

    • Here, here! Tanning salons, and tanning creams that give that “glow” (read: orangutan orange hue) are okay! Unlike said products, skin lighteners are generally used to even skin tone.

  • I have to agree with him in the funeral part. I think for people who knew MJ, and genuinely cared about him, it’s better to just not be there. Please, they are selling tickets…

  • Quincy Jones has no idea what he is talking about, making comments about Micheal Jackson’s Vitiligo. I have Vitiligo and guess where it started. On my hand! If I could have gotten away with wearing one glove, I would have. My Doctor’s advice was to keep your skin as light/white as possible so the effects don’t show up as badly. That could include overall depigmentation but mainly staying away from sun. (Perhaps you understand his umbrellas now.) There is no cure. Quincy Jones would do himself some good if he looked into the disease before insulting his “friend” publicly. And also insulting everyone else who understood Michael’s struggle.

  • Michael Jackson had vitiligo:

    For some people it happens all over the body (

    There is no “truth” about him not wanting to be black, only other people’s judgment calls. Judgment calls that contradict what his doctors testified to under oath. Are the kids biologically Michael’s? We’ll find out soon enough, but it doesn’t matter. They still lost the only father they’ve ever known. Was MJ a drug addict? Um, duh.

    I appreciate that Q is being honest about what he BELIEVES. But he doesn’t know. I know what it is to have your blackness questioned because of your partners and habits and children. I know what it is for people to not believe you belong with your family because of how you look. Even if the kids are not his (speculation), I fail to see how this is proof that he didn’t want to be black. White people who adopt children of color are never accused of hating their whiteness.

    People obviously feel strongly about this. I don’t think we’ll come to any agreement any time soon. Thanks for the discussion. I’m glad we’ve been able to disagree so civilly.

  • It’s been explained time and again that Michael went through full depigmentation process due to his vitiligo skin disease. In the early 80s his makeup stylist used dark makeup to cover up his blotches, by the late 80s his blotches were so ever apparent that they started using light makeup to even out his face. This is why most of the Bad era Jackson appears lighter. By the 90s. He went through complete depigmentation.

  • Michael Jackson had Body Dismorphic Disorder. He didn’t want to be black because he didn’t want to look like his abusive farther he hated.
    How hard is that to understand, respect for the ignorance of this guy and the cocksucker writing this article Wendie… huh please.

    • huh, please? is right Nathan. As in, please write when you’re not high on crystal meth. And for that matter, learn to spell, titty baby. Even Michael Jackson’s farther would appreciate that.

  • Since Quincy Jones has made himself the gatekeeper of blackness, I have a confession:

    I used to love and admire Quincy Jones so I would try and bleach my skin and do skin peels so I could be white and he could like me since he loves white women with eyes as blue as the sea (which he said in his book).

    Q’s daughter Kenya and Paris Jackson look a lot alike.

    Q has done every white women from here to Idaho and bragged about how he loves their features.

    Nina Simone once accused Q of giving MJ a complex.

    Whats that saying…stones…glass house.

  • marlon jackson said, well michael i hope now they will leave you alone, but not even death can the man rest.
    why are people always judging each other.
    and if i’m not mistaking, quincy jones was once married to peggy lipton who played julie from the mod squad. and peggy is (white)

  • Quincy needs to shut his mouth why say these things now Michael isn’t here to defend himself. If he was a real friend he would have tried to get Michael some help if he did have a problem not wait until he dies to talk about it. Quincy just wants to be back it the spotlight thats all at Michaels expense its really sad and he is one to talk about white if i’m not mistaken his kids are half white and he was married to a white women so idk what point he was trying to make with Michael. I’m glad Michael isn’t here to witness this it would have made him so sad his own so called friend bad mouthing him Michael made Quincy a ton of money with Thriller and Bad


  • Chemical peels dont change the color of your skin. Ive had them done for my acne scars. Quincy’s an A******

  • 10 million people is not my idea of a tribute to somebody you were so close to—who’s got a part of your soul. Our souls were joined, you know. And a piece of it goes with him.” OK SO HOW DO YOU TALK SHIT ABOUT A CLOSE FRIEND WHEN THERE DEAD. IF HE FELT THE NEED TO TALK THIS BULLSHIT HE SHOULD HAVE SAID IT WHEN MJ WAS ALIVE, NOT NOW THAT HES DEAD. I’LL STRESS MY POINT AGAIN CHEMICAL PEELS DO NOT CHANGE THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN.

  • Don’t know about MJ but man, Quincy, what you said about Ray was low. The man was aged, and with it comes cancer and all. I surely would not like to have you as a friend. Your music is the best but your comment on your friends past is just poor character, especially things that they told you in confidence.


  • If you use monobenzone you get the effect of vitiligo.

    Monobenzone is a cream that helps vitiligo patients remove their skin patches by ultimatelly destroying the melanochites. So they will no longer produc emlenanin. So what the disease does not do the monobenzone will do.

    Vitiligo will simply make some of your skin not produce melanin, the rest is left to monobenzone. So if you are healthy and use monobenzone… guess what. You are going to have your skin's melanochites wasted and thus you will eventually get something close ot vitiligo, it is just not natural vitiligo, you cause it.

    If you use monobenzone you even get the patchy skin first because some areas are affected easier due to alot of factors. So you literally cause vitiligo to yuorself with all the symptoms and then you can take pride in for that. If you keep using the cream you eventually and in the best case get rid of all melanochites in your body and be perma white forever and you should hide your skin from sun.

    Of course the fairytale never ends so good. You might get skin cnacer or burned skin that will be darker than your previously black skin. And sometimes skin will be damaged and you get dermatitis, blisters etc etc. Because your skin now is prone to every skin disorder.

    Michael jackson just found his way to be white. He made a bad name of vitiligo disorder and also claimed that he had his nose broken. Nobody is fooled even his followers. They just cannot accept the truth!

  • @Virtualposer

    It appears you spun your own fairytale there. I guess you knew Michael Jackson personally? You have intimate knowledge of his medical records? Or no, were you one of his physicians and if so, shame on you!! Do you have any evidence to back up your ugly story?

    Yeah, I didn’t think so. All you have are YOUR speculations which aren’t worth squat to me.

  • Wow! Some peoples true colours really come out when a person dies.. This Slime ball never have the Guts to say this when michael was alive. You pretended to be his friend then as soon as he passes you jump at the opertunity to get money for interveiws ! HE trusted you, You were one of his best friends.. One of the VERY few people he trusted… And now look at you! Your just Another sewer rat Slime ball skum :@

    I cant believe someone who Michael liked, Trused, Apreciated, and had respect for would say such things after he died.. WHAT A SICK MAN !

    I hope you Think about what you’ve done Quincy.. And hope wherever Michael is now.. That he forgives you. Your very Lucky that michael is a forgiving man because lots of people arnt.. And if you had said this about anyone else after they died.. Well … All i can say is you should be ashamed and your Sick !

  • MJ was born with a black nose It still beats me why black performers would have caucasian noses.A far reaching effect of the self hate that being descended frm slavery causes.And why did he in addition have to have 2 White kids ? Perhaps 1 black ,1 white ,at least

  • One just has to put the three things together.The hair change nose,complete change of facial features/bone structure to resemble ,what is seen from the Caucasian standpoint as. goodlooking.Quincy knew him well.Even setting aside the virtiligo or skin bleaching issue L