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Classy Daddy!

Dr. Arnold Klein

Arnold Klein, the pimp dermatologist who allegedly fathered Michael Jackson’s children, speaks with media outside his home in Los Angeles. This looks nothing like the previous photo we saw of Klein. He’s really let himself go in recent years, I guess. Either that, or he’s carrying three more of Michael’s children in his uterus. (Seriously, though, the shirt is stained in like three places. So gross. I would never let this guy touch my skin.)

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  • i just watched the video of Mj’s last rehearsal for one of his songs on CNN and its so heart breaking! at the end of the video the lights dim and you can see him give a quick smile :( i really cannot believe he is dead.

    • That is the smile of a pedophile who tricked the world into thinking he was innocent despite multiple victims and a security guard coming forward and saying otherwise.

      • i know he probably sucked some underage dick, but he sounds so sweet in all his interviews and looks as cute as a button in all his pictures. but we’ll never know what really happened will we now.

      • C’mon Donkey Punch, do you really have to say something hateful on every Michael story on this site. Just let him rest in peace already.

  • ick! does he have food stains all over his shirt or is it flop-sweat? in any case, he is nasty.

  • A dermatologist, makes so much sense since he has sooooo much derm… Ahhh, the stains… Makes it classic…

  • How nice he is enjoying the fruits of his jacking off labor, in his limo! In a filthy stained shirt, with boob sweat! Money can’t buy you class but it can buy you 3 kids to do God knows what with. Sickening man, I am so hoping we get to see his Karmic backlash.