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Please, caption this and I expect more imagination than “Running For Office.”  

Sarah Palin, as she appears on the Runner’s World website.  Did anyone ever know she was this hot?

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  • She may be easy on the eyes for an old lady but the moment she opens her mouth you would have the urge to put a bullet in your her mouth and then one in yours for safety.

  • “Okay, everybody, The Devil in Mrs. Palin: Scene 3, Take 2…readyyyy…and action!”

    Oh, and to answer your question: Yes, I knew she was this hot ever since her debate with Joe Biden last year when they did a quick rear view shot of the candidates behind their podiums. Noticed I used the words “rear” and “behind” in the same sentence. Need I say more.

  • So does this mean if I don’t wear full make up and prom hair when I go running that the terrorists win? I’d love to see a marathon of people with Palin hair running…especially if we could do it in San Francisco.

      • Judging from your pic, I’m pretty sure everyone with functioning eyes would prefer it if you wore the burka.

      • Judging from your comment, I’m pretty sure everyone with a functioning mind would prefer if you were less of an ass.

      • Dude, Anonymous, why are you such an ass? She was just speaking her opinion.

        And, are you blind? She is really pretty with great hair and a gorgeous smile. I hate it when people are too immature to come back with an intelligent response so they make some dick statement to personally hurt someone’s feelings. Not okay.

  • Notes: (not creative enough today for the caption game)

    1. There is only one outlet cover on the outlets behind her. If Trig can reach the bottom one, he can probably reach the top.

    2. Overuse of Sevin Nyne.

    3. I can’t believe her shorts aren’t blue.

    4. Does she kinda look like a JCPenny’s model to you? Sports fitness fleece, $19.99 Available in red, blue and white. Oh- there is my caption.

  • If you look close enough out the window you can see Russia.

    Why is she posing with the American flag since she wants Alaska to leave the union?

    • Well, the way she posed with the flag is a clear violation of flag etiquette. Maybe she’s sending a hidden message.

  • Of course she is hot!
    I always thought that Levi Johnston wanted to nail her, but had to settle for Bristol…

  • “Sarah Palin to star in off-off-off-OFF Broadway production of ELECTION, played by Reece Witherspoon in the film version!”

  • Why are her legs a different colour to the rest of her? Do people wear tights under shorts to go running in now?

    • She is not wearing tights/pantyhose…her legs look darker b/c the photographer clearly used terrible lighting (it only hits the top half of her).

      I think she looks great. Clearly, I am the only Palin supporter who visits this website.

      • She does look great. Especially for 45. I’m surprised they didn’t make her lose the glasses.

      • Just because she looks great for her age it doesn’t make me want to support her politically.

      • C’line – you’re not the only one, actually. I loved Sarah Palin and am looking forward to seeing her run in 2012 after the messiah has screwed us up.

        Look out! Here comes all of the “party of love and tolerance” hatred…

      • I think she is a total ninny. My mom said it best, “If Biden dies we are going to be left with a damn weather woman running the country!”.

        What is up with her Mary Ann hair? Is she wearing pigtails?

      • Oh I can’t wait for her to run in 2012. I soooo hope she is the Republican nominee. :)

      • I love accents! I love how every part of the country speaks the same language but sounds a little different.

      • This just in: she actually IS going to run in 2012!! Yeah!! Comics everywhere are celebrating!!

      • Well, thank heavens for that C’line. It means that the majority of the readers here have at least a modicum of intelligence.

  • “My name is Sarah, and I’m a huge cunt.”

    That’s all I see when I look at it anyways…

    • Crap, how many times are going to have to hear this rehashed stupid joke. I bet you think you’re hilarious too.

      • You’ll hear it for the rest of your life.
        Something that stupid doesn’t die easily.

      • Sure, except she never really actually said that, it was only said in that context on SNL to make it funnier.

      • Sorry friend. It was a Charlie Gibson interview and it went like this:
        GIBSON: What insight into Russian actions, particularly in the last couple of weeks, does the proximity of the state give you?

        PALIN: They’re our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.

        I don’t care about her one way or another, just tired of Katie Couric getting credit for something she had nothing to do with, other than looking like an Alien.

      • No, I’m talking about the Katie Couric interview where she reiterated her position. That would be the interview where she had a chance to make a less asinine point and instead reiterated that her proximity to Russia and Canada gave her foreign policy experience.
        And I’m not your friend, guy.

      • Well …. since you are the expert in humour …. let’s hear your witty response. If it is half as good as you slam against me it has to be great! I’m waiting …. I need a good laugh!

      • Ok, let’s try this one;

        Q. What did Billy Davis, the pedophile, say when he got out of prison?

        A. I feel like a kid again!

  • ” I just took a picture of Russia out my window!……see it’s right over that hill”

  • “Look at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the love of sweet baby Jesus, look at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    In all seriousness, great legs.

  • i hate that i feel this way, but i want to bang her stupid. more stupid; i can’t help it, i want to give her such an intense orgasm she can see through time.

  • “See? I’m presidential–I have TWO cell phones! (And you should see me in–I mean on the court.)”

  • Red, White and Blue YOU!

    Secret agenda? Where would I hide that?

    She’s got legs and knows how to use them….

    Oh yeah, I thought this was a caption space….not a blog for for BS opinions….get a chat room….