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Bradley Cooper Continues To Dine With Female Stars To Throw Media Off Track


Bradley Cooper was briefly “dating” Jennifer Aniston.  And when I say “dating,” what I really mean is “being seen in public to dispel the rumor that he’s engaged to be married to a certain celebrity blogger.”  He must have become bored with all the Brad talk, because he’s “moved on.”

Now, the silly people at People are reporting that he’s “dating” Renee Zellweger.  They had dinner Tuesday night at Antonucci’s in Manhattan and reportedly appeared to be a couple.  He’s an excellent actor.  

Stay tuned for more sightings and stories of him “dating” every single broad in Hollywood.  And expect me to report every single event using a copious amount of quotation marks.

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  • He’s going a little older isn’t he??? Jennifer then Renee? As long as it’s not Audrina Partridge… and great use of “copious” and the “quotation marks”

  • I would love to rub my hands on his hairy chest. I love a man with chest hair. I think it is so sexy!

  • I had a very juicy dream with him in it this morning, needless to say.. I wasn’t crabby when I woke up today ;-) Lol

  • Sorry Wendie, but I have already proposed to him and he said “yes”. I guess you and Mischa need to begin some sort of friends with benefits relationship. I want pictures. Bradley is MINE!

  • If you take away his sexy tresses and the aviators in The Hangover, he’s actually not that hot.
    Giant forhead and hook nose!

  • This story just shows everyone how the media likes to make up stories, he and Jen went out to dinner..they were suddenly a “couple”. Now its Renee…Please

  • I carved his initials into my forearms which means we’re married but after reading about him in Rolling Stone, I think I’m going to let my wounds heal. He’s a recovering alcoholic and doesn’t drink. I’m a functioning alcoholic and can’t wait til lunch so I can have my first drink. He seems to be OCD and I’m too lazy to have a disorder.

    He is gorgeous though. I’m not an “eye” girl but those eyes could help any woman. But I’m letting him go. You’re welcome.

  • I’m from the UK, I was just reading about the lovely Mr Cooper.. who is he meant to be engaged to?! We know nothing here of the celebrity blogger!! :-)

  • The article linked here makes him sound like a moronic happy dog, bounding around eating everything.

  • when is this guy going to go away? he has weird eyes. does he have pink eye? and DUDE needs to trim the hedge or wear a turtlenck or something. he looks like a hobbit a little bit.

  • What happened to him?? I remember seeing him in wedding crashers and thinking (God I would love to be in bed doing dirty dirty things with him) But now i’m not so sure about that. He’s looking pretty bad. He needs a whole body waxing..