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Simon Cowell Offered $144M For Another Year Of Idol. This Is Not a Typo


As if I wasn’t astounded enough to read that Simon Cowell was paid $36M last season for his role on American Idol, his contract for next year offers up a salary of — having paralysis of the fingers trying to type this out — $144M. 

I’m not a faithful AI viewer but doesn’t he just sit there and sigh and make fun of Paula?  Because anyone can do that.  Hell, I do it for free.  Is there some other value-added service he provides that I don’t know about? 

Now that he’ll be making the big bucks maybe he can get his moobs reduced.  Just a thought…

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  • Here’s what I’m thinking: He is the only one on that show that is somewhat sane and makes coherent sense when he speaks, so they have to keep him around. And it seems like he hates being there so they had to bribe him big-time.

    • Every season of A-Idol garners over $1 billion in ad revenue alone. FOX would be asinine to try and mess with the formula.

      Hence the big money for Simon. I agree with you that he is the one to watch on that show.

  • Simon does kind of make the show (not that I really watch it since season 1), and I’m sure ratings would severely decline if he left…but seriously?!?

    Just think how many kids could be put through college, how many starving that could be fed, etc, etc, etc with just ONE year of his salary…

    I’m sure I’d take the money if I were in his position, but wow…kind of hard to wrap your head around…

  • Yep, between 100M – 144M. Geeez and here we are, struggling writers trying to make a buck or two lol…

    Oh how life plays out :P

  • How much does Paula get paid to be high as fuck and do random shit?

    How much does Randy get paid to say “yeah dog I feel you” to every contestant?

  • Every season of Idol garners over $1 billion in ad revenue. FOX would be asinine to try and mess with the formula.

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