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Vanessa Minnillo Moves on … to Topher Grace?

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I remember the very first time I realized that Topher was a nickname for “Christopher.” Like, you just take the second half of the name instead of using “Chris.” That was an exciting moment for me. I felt like a genius. Like the time I realized the Wiltern got its name because it’s on the corner of Wilshire and Western. That was a big moment too. It’s hard to feel smart in a world filled with Bill Gateses and Stephen Hawkings, but somehow I seem to manage.

Anyway. Vanessa Minnillo is managing, too. She and Nick Lachey may be recently dunzo, but she’s in no hurry to quit theceleb dating scene. Radar spotted her sucking face with Spiderman 3 star Topher Grace at a recent party at Seth MacFarlane’s house:

Topher then started rubbing her arm, and Vanessa whispered in his ear and they exchanged phone numbers.

Before long they were on the dance floor and putting the “dirty” in dirty dancing. Vanessa took off her shoes and held them in one hand, wrapping her other arm around Topher’s neck and the next thing we knew she was kissing him on the neck!

In a bit of perfect timing the DJ spun ‘Sex on Fire’ by Kings of Leon and Vanessa turned her back to Topher, and did a super hot grind/dance while he played with her hair. The music switched to The Jackson Five’s ‘ABC’ and that’s when Vanessa and Nick, er Topher, (sorry, it’s so hard to make the transition, for us, not her) starting MAKING OUT right on the dance floor!

Total rebound relationship. I wonder who Nick Lachey will be hitting up now. Anyone have guesses?

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  • Hmmm, odd couple. She didn’t wait long which is pretty sad, says a lot about her. Some girls can’t be alone, I guess. Oh well.

    As far as Nick, probably a model.

  • I’ve had that name-revelation, too. Again, when I realized “Xander” was short for “Alexander”.

  • as i was reading the headline i thought to myself, “Topher Grace is such a weird name…”

    then came your explination! you are a genius, Beet!

  • I had no idea it was short for Christopher. I just thought it was strange. It sorta makes sense now.

  • When I figured it out I was actually kind of bummed out.
    It’s so… normal.
    But it certainly sounds better than Chris Grace. Which kind of sounds like disgrace. Which is actually kind of awesome.
    Now i’m torn.

  • Ugh- I want to go to a party at Seth McFarlane’s house. That would be all kinds of awesome!

  • I never knew that about his moniker, talk about name fail…

    I think that Nick should rebound with Kristin Cavallari, so that she never makes it off the d-list, in much the same way as Vanessa.

  • Well Beet you have enlightened me….again. I had no idea about the “Topher” being the ending to Christopher.

  • I was going to ask when exactly Radar Online became so fucking terrible, but I just wiki’d and found out the crash coincides with (sigh) the demise of the magazine. The Shannen Doherty issue — which I loved — was the last issue! :(

  • Topher > Nick. Let’s just hope Topher’s smart enough not to waste time on Vanessa Minnillo.

  • i think it’s funny that this makes the celebrity news… their PR people are probably pissing their pants over this right now, but who are these people really? F list. that’s who.

  • Have you seen her with out make up, she looks she should be cleaning hotel rooms, not ugly, just really plain Btw what is her talent sleeping with members of old gay boy bands.

  • I remember seeing Topher Grace in an interview years ago explaining his name. It’s just like Beet says. He wanted to be called “Christopher”, and would correct people who called him “Chris” by adding “Topher”. Eventually he just started calling himself “Topher”.