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Bradley Cooper: I See London, I See France. I Don’t See Jen in Her Underpants

Bradley Cooper attends the Louis Vuitton Show during Paris Fashion Week

Perhaps “I am not dating Jennifer Aniston” should be added to those little yellow books of commonly used foreign language phrases; right between “Hello” and “Where is the American Embassy?”

At the Louis Vuitton show in Paris yesterday, Bradley Cooper spoke to reporters and once again denied that he and Jennifer Aniston are an item.  And he did it in French. Hot.


She’s a friend of mine. Simply, simply, just a friend. In America, its not like it is here. She’s someone who is super, super known. Famous. If someone says ‘hello’ to her, it’s given that he’s fallen in love with her. So, no. No. She’s a very, very interesting woman, but she’s simply a friend.

I wonder how many times he’ll have to do this. Probably every time he has dinner with her. Or speaks to her. Or looks at her. Because if you have a penis and come within a 5 yard radius of Jennifer Aniston, you are dating her.

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  • Yes, that’s exactly right on. The girl can’t do anything with a guy and not have it be plastered on every cover of every magazine or talked about in every celeb blog. On another note, I secretly hped she was dating him.

  • If you have a penis and come within a five yard radius of Jennifer Aniston, do you get a complementary blowjob?

  • Can we get our international EvilBeet readers to do Aniston dating denials in a range of languages? This could be very helpful to travelling celebrities.