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9-1-1 Tapes, Tributes, and Conspiracy Theories


If you’re interested, the entire 911 call has been released, in which an unknown caller indicates that Jackson’s private doctor was in the room when he collapsed and may have seen what happened.

Meanwhile, fans have gathered outside Michael Jackson’s parents’ home in L.A., the L.A. coroner’s office, Jackson’s star on the walk of fame, Jackson’s Beverly Hills home, and the Apollo theater in New York to pay homage to the “King of Pop” in ways both big, and small… and strange.

The dancing impersonators, “Honk if you love Michael Jackson” signs, and middle aged women doing cutesy poses with their cardboard and glitter posters make the whole thing feel like a middle school pep rally. For death.

I have a feeling that MJ is going to evolve (or already has evolved) into an American pop culture mythology– much in the vein of Elvis or Marilyn Monroe– where devoted fans hang velvet paintings of him in their entry ways, make pilgrimages to his home on the anniversaries of his birth and death, and get him tattooed on their forearms. There you go, Megan Fox. You still have one perfectly good forearm that is not yet tattooed with something ridiculous.

In fact, there are already whack-a-doos who are claiming that he faked his own death to escape his crippling debt and to gain the kind of celebrity notoriety that goes along with a mysterious, pill-fed death alone in your bedroom.

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  • Is it weird that I think that Michael Jackson’s death has kind of stolen Farrah Fawcett’s death thunder?
    On the plus side I suppose it’s good that her family won’t be half as disturbed by the media as they would have been had Jackson not gone in the same time.
    Gah, my newspaper this morning had twelve pages devoted to Jackson – one of the articles was “Did Jackson Want To Be White?” – that was relevant in about 1995.

    • My friends and I were saying the same thing – about the stealing of the death thunder (though we didn’t use that phrase).

    • Well, it’s good for Ms. Fawcett’s family & friends who will probably be allowed to grieve more privately.

  • This whole media frenzy on MJ is ridiculous.

    Yes, he died. Yes, he should rest in peace. But making it seem like EVERYONE still cares about him the day that he died is ridiculous. How come no one gave a shit about him before his dying day? Hypocrisy if you ask me.

  • A week ago, if you said you were a fan of Michael Jackson, you were considered creepy. This week, everybody has hopped onto the MJ train. It started with Diana-this obsession we have with the public display after a celeb’s passing. It makes for great television.
    And the internet-geez, I can click on a site every few minutes and get new info surrounding the autopsy, the rumors… Death in real time.

  • I agree about our culture’s obsession with idolizing talented and semi-talented people. My issue with Mr. Jackson is not so much about his personal demons, but the fact that he tarnished his own musical legacy. Where were the people around him who were supposed to help him grow from child-teen-young adult pop star into a graceful middle-aged mentor to young musicians….a la Quincy Jones? Oh that’s right- he couldn’t take a back seat to help others – he had to continue to chase the flame. Sad man. Like Phil Spector, riding on early genius and disappearing into his own private hell…..I do not feel any sadness for MJ. I do recognize his place in musical history – but I wish we would all learn to appreciate those who have made transitions from child to adult stars who choose to do great things with the money and fame bestowed upon them. Shame on him.

  • And now Jesse Jackson has teamed up with the family to “demand answers.”

    I hope somebody sane keeps his kids away from this circus.

    • Good thing Jesse’s on it! Now the whole mystery will be solved. He’s worse than any ambulance chasing lawyer.

  • Americans have always had a fascination with the strange and the cheesy. Look at side shows, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, etc. I agree that Jackson probably had far less “fans” a week ago. But the dancing impersonators and “middle aged cheerleaders” don’t surprise me a bit. They are totally American. (And yes I was born here in the US, so don’t get offended and tell me to go home, home is upstate NY).
    I couldn’t even listen to Al Sharpton’s entire speech, he seemed to be mostly concerned with making sure people understood that he really knew Michael and for how long. When it got to the part where he said MJ was treated unfairly by the music industry, I had to turn it off. He had the biggest selling album of all time. He made millions upon millions of dollars. That’s being mistreated how?

    • Exactly! how can anyone take Sharpton – or Jesse Jackson seriously? Where were they when MJ began his downward spiral from ‘quirky’ to seriously dangerous? Ughh….And the plastic surgeons are as much to blame as his “concierge’ Dr. We love to put people on pedestals and then knock ’em down….but then we rush back to say, “oh – we’ve never stopped loving him”. really? It’s another circus. And why are teenagers crying?

  • Honk if you support wealthy child molesters that rape poor troubled boys that won’t be believed in court.

    • here’s another tasteless comment on his death –

      When Farrah got to heaven, God told her she was a beautiful person, inside and out and he was sorry that she suffered so much in her life. He asked he if he could grant her one last wish.

      Farrah told God all she really wanted was for the children of the world to be safe…… Poof! MJ gone.

  • All anyone needs to do to know exactly who and what MJ was is to read the article printed in Vanity Fair during the molestation trial in Santa Barbara, he was found guilty because witnesses change stories for money. It’s a very detailed an well laid out article. Normally I won’t link away from a site but people are very unaware of how many children he molested, people have no idea what he did for years, since his early 20’s he picked crazy single mothers who were star struck and sick or mentally disabled victims so that even if they sued they would be torn apart in a trial and they were, all his lawyers knew what he was doing he’s paid out over 200 million dollars for is sex with children, 7 years old was a perfered and they were too old at 10. He needs to be revived and to be killed again, he is one nasty dirty pedophile. I am glad he died a junkie freak mired in debt, I am glad anyone but him will raise those poor kids.

    • I so agree with you Jinxy. I read this article when it was originally published. It opened my eyes to realize what we really was. Of course he picked the children of crazy single mothers in dysfunctional homes. That’s what pedophiles do.

      I agree that he was a talented musician. but, I wish the star stuck fans in complete denial could also admit that he was a prolific pedophile.

  • Sorry for the typos, he was found NOT guilty, there are others too, I am tired and roasting hot. Bleck.