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So, I Guess These Two Are Staying Together


Ever since they announced their split last year, David Duchovny and Tea Leoni have been seen together all over the place both as a couple and with their children.  This weekend they spent Father’s Day weekend together in Malibu.  Sometimes, making an “impending divorce” statment is just the trick to re-ignite the spark in a marriage.

According to friends, the couple are “still in love,” and trying to make it work for their kids.  You don’t see too much of that in Hollywood — or anywhere, for that matter — so it’s nice when it happens.

Duchovny openly admitted to struggling with a sex addiction.  Here’s hoping he’s licked it.

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  • I think they’re a cute couple & I’m glad they’re back together. I still think ‘sex addiction’ is just an excuse for when you get caught cheating, but whatevs.

  • I wonder what qualifies as a ‘sex addiction’. What’s the strike rate on that? Because desiring gratification daily isn’t an addiction. So are we talking about requiring it twice a day, once an hour? Just… constantly?

    • Had a friend who divorced her husband over it – it was crazy. They had 4 kids, turned out he had banged well over 100 women in the last couple of years. Mostly strangers. Some on the train he commuted on. Nothing you’d call an affair, just a VERY long series of random sex.

      Scary thing is, who are all these women who just shagged the dude & that’s it? And of course she was terrified of the disease element (she was okay). He was short & reasonably attractive but nothing special, good job but not wealthy. Just wanted random sex all the time – & got it!

      I knew the couple pretty well, beautiful kids, good family, lovely home, high school sweethearts who’d been together for over a decade. No one had a clue until the shit hit the fan.

  • I think its great they reconciled. Ive been hearing about way too many divorces lately! lol.

    I wish them the best :)

  • two kids. it doesn’t surprise me, tea’s always been in great shape. i guess she’s pretty athletic too.