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This Father’s Day, It’s Jon Minus Kate Plus 8

Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin spent Father’s day with all eight of the kids at their home in Reading, Pennsylvania. The family played Lacrosse and slipped and slid on a Slip n’ Slide. His Father’s Day present was “spending time” with the kids.

Kate was nowhere in sight. When asked by reporters about her whereabouts, Jon replied that he had “no idea” where she was, which means that Jon got more Father’s Day love from a group of strangers than from his wife. When a carload of teenage girls parked in front of the house and yelled “Happy Father’s Day Jon!” the Gosselin Dad waved and said “Thank you.” He then went into the house and returned moments later with signed family publicity photos for each of the girls.

Jon also commented on Aaden’s trip to the doctor yesterday. Turns out he was running around the house when he smacked into a corner. “They stitched it up and he’s fine,” he said.

As for questions about luxury apartment hunting or the Gosselin’s impending divorce big announcment, Jon replied, “You’ll have to watch the show.”

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  • There such a cute family. Its such a shame their ( referring to the kids) parents are putting them through all this crap.

      • Um “they’re” means “they are” right? I think the original poster got it right. She/he didnt mean “Its such a shame they are parents are putting…”

      • Oh my bad i thought you were talking about the second sentence lol, i didnt notice the first “there”.

    • Well in this case Lacrosse is the name of their French Canadian maid and they were riding him like a pony. If you watched the show you would know they always said “let’s play Lacrosse” when they wanted to ride the maid.

      Come on. You have to watch more TV.

      • Well, knowing what Lacrosse means in French Canadian (NSFW), I doubt anyone here would name their kid that. ;)

      • From Wiki: “Some say the name originated from the French term for field hockey, le jeu de la crosse. Others suggest that it was named after the crosier, a staff carried by bishops”

        Wow, totally NSFW.

  • For pete sake…every frigging article people are correcting another’s post. I’m not trying to come across as a bitch, but is it hard being fucking perfect? Enjoy the post and move on.

  • Jon & Kate, please work things out for the sake of your children…We love the littleones.

  • I have a querstion to axe…. If Jon and Kate are so upset over their privacy being taken away… Like these pics and like the ones of Kate whoopen one of the kids. They have like 100 some odd acres right? And a big back yard… Why in the hell do they do everything in the front of the house where everyone can see them?

  • Of course Jon said he doesn’t know where she is. He probably knew exactly where she was but didn’t want reports to swamp her. The sad thing is mainstream media is just as caught up in the Jon and Kate plus 8 epidemic as the rest of us Americans. Should they really be using tabloids as a reliable source?