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8 Little Monkeys Jumpin’ on the Bed, One Fell Out and Bumped His Head

Aaden Gosselin, Kate Gosselin

Gosselin sextuplet Aaden Gosselin– pictured above, flying through the air this past April– was taken to a walk-in medical clinic by dad Jon yesterday for treatment of an apparent head injury. He left the clinic with a bandage on his boo-boo, but otherwise appeared to be fine.

No word on what caused the injury, but aren’t things like this pretty standard with kids his age? When I was three, I was jumping on my parents’ bed when, just like the song about the little monkeys, I fell off and bumped my head– well, cracked it open, really. They took me to the emergency room where the doctors all but accused them of child abuse.

With the Gosselin’s high profile life and half of America all up in their family business, let’s hope this doesn’t get blown way out of proportion.

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  • It is definitely common and with so many young kids injuries are bound to happen. It’s like having a small birthday party everyday! When my brother was little he would always be running up and down the furniture, never sitting down, and my mom would constantly say things like “you are gonna poke your eye out with that thing!”, ha. Granted he has ADHD, but kids have energy, they are curious and rambunctious, they want to run and jump and play. Falls, bruises and cuts will happen. My brother was even playing in our backyard one time climbing over some rocks, fell and practically split his head open. He also stepped on a nail, fell back in a chair after being told many times not to rock and knocked out a front tooth on x-mas eve, I even fell once turning a corner too fast and split my lip on an indoor planter. We all turned out fine though, hopefully they won’t get persecuted for their kids jumping. If all that and more happens with one boy, imagine 3 plus 5 little girls!

  • OMG, Kelly, that title qualifies as “most evil yet most genius of all times”. Awesome xD

  • Wait, this happened in APRIL and he was just taken yesterday? Typo somewhere? I do remember something like this happeing awhile ago tho

  • Kate looks so angry in this photo…
    I’m definitely tired of hearing about what a “bad mom” and how “mean and awful” she is…
    But she doesn’t help herself much does she?
    The best PR in the world couldn’t help this soul….
    I hope selling her life and that of her family’s was worth what she’s living through now :s

  • My little brother, when he was about 7, decided to ride the neighbors bike because he wanted to see if he can ride a 15 year old’s bike. He then crashed into a mailbox and craked his head open. He had to get stiches. Another time, he was playing with that same 15 year old and I don’t know what they were doing, but for some reason, the 15 year old threw in into the air and when he came down, he broke his arm. Bad. He had to get surgery. Then another time, he was playing with my other little brother and the older one punched him in the eye and gave him a black eye. Someone actually called child services and they had to come to our house. So yeah, kids get hurt. People shouldn’t make a big deal out of this.

  • Good post, Kelly, but you’ve got to get your possessives straight (or just leave off the apostrophe if you aren’t sure where to put it; IMHO that’s less irritating than seeing one where it shouldn’t be). You wrote “With the Gosselin’s high profile life” when you meant “the Gosselins’.”

    Yeah, a lot of kids that age get hurt all the time. I remember having band-aids covering both knees for practically my whole year of kindergarten. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, even with the most attentive parenting; my brother went down a small slide on his first day of preschool with my mom right there to help him. He caught his arm on part of the slide as he went down and his arm broke. It was so sad, a puny little preschooler with his arm in a cast. But he did get to wear it in a cool, jungle-print sling, so something good came of it. : )

    • Actually, it is correct to say, “Gosselin’s” because their last name is Gosselin. If their last name were Gosselins, then the possessive form would be Gosselins’.

  • When my daughter was three she choked on a marble. While she was laying on my lap getting her ears cleaned. Considering my total ban on all things small and spherical, the source of the offending marble is a mystery 13 years later.
    Then, two days later, she fell off of a swing and split her head open. That earned her two staples.
    Considering how young I was, I feel kind of grateful that I wasn’t reported to CPS or anything…

  • Yes, this happens all the time to kids. And yes, usually they’re okay. But with the Natasha Richardson incident still fresh in everyone’s mind, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • Sorry Kelly, but you set yourself up for this one…

    So THAT’S why you have so many typos in your posts! You obviously cracked open that part of your brain that deals with spelling!

  • I have a friend who has three kids. The oldest is such a klutz, it’s ridiculous. She’s been to emergency for so many different reasons. The other two haven’t. My friend is so ashamed but for the most part, the local children’s hospital doesn’t judge too harshly because yes, kids get hurt.