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Miley Cyrus is Tired and in Need of Dental Floss

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus was looking less than excited while filming on location for The Last Song in Tybee Island, Georgia. A brief smile errupts after she’s introduced to some shirtless, evil looking douche with a frat strap, but the rest of the time Miley looks really tired. And miserable. And like she’s got some chicken stuck in her teeth, y’all. She gouges at her gums in more than a few shots and doesn’t even remove her chicken pickin’ finger from her mouth when she shakes the guy’s hand.

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  • I feel sorry for her… ):
    She looks so pooped and over-worked…
    I didn’t know she pierced her nose. It looks good.

  • Miley is working so hard i hope she doesn’t make herself sick, but maybe it was just a bad moment she seems to have good people taking care of her I’m sure she’ll be fine could just been a bad day she did breakup wiff Justin maybe she’s just stressed. she still looked gorgeous it’s just the media stirring up trouble for her again!

    • Punctuation, anyone? I sometime wonder how many of Beet’s readers are, in fact, middle schoolers.

  • I am not a Miley fan but I live in the area and it is freakin HOT! Hotter than it has been in the area in 5 years. Heat index the past several days of 110 and actual temp of 102. That outfit in black with long pants? Forget it. She is wilted and further brain damaged from heat stroke! I feel sorry for anyone, except maybe Rihanna and Chris Brown, being out in that heat.

  • Aw look at my daughter, her movie was very well scripted. And just to let you know that day was very windy I doubt she has been withering in the heat. Many of her fans were waiting on location to speak to her and get some 1-on-1 time with her. Some reporters even sat down and asked some questions. I cant believe how much my daughter has grown.