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Wait! The Hills is Staged?

Lauren Conrad was on The View yesterday to talk about L.A. Candy, the book she wrote.  Or as Beet likes to say, the book she “wrote.” 

Either way, in a manner that was so inappropriately solemn and grave, Lauren admitted (at about 0:47 on the clip) that The Hills is totally faked.  I just wanted to scream, “Lauren!  It’s not like you’re confessing that you figured out how to split the atom.  You didn’t unearth the mystery of the pyramids.  This is The Hills we’re talking about!”

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  • OMG! i saw that episode and they made it look like they were talking to each other! wow, i think that the hills is gonna start this new “unreality” craze. before you know it, ALL reality shows will become unreality! and to tell you the truth, that would suck :(

  • beet and wendie where are you guys when i want to find info on the leighton meester sex tape!! Get on it!

  • ummm did sherri just say ‘I used to watch you on Orange County’ or ‘When you were in the Orange County’?