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The Agonizing Pain Continues On Grey’s Anatomy


Bad news, guys.  I don’t think Izzie is dead.  A source close to negotiations of the Grey’s Anatomy cast confirms that T.R. Knight is definitely a goner, but Katherine Heigl got a bunch of money thrown at her to stay.  Want to take a collection so we can throw a bunch of money at her to leave? 

I think I watched one season of Grey’s and couldn’t tolerate any more.  If I remember correctly, Izzie was performing all sorts of unorthodox and life-saving procedures on Denny — the dead dude she’s been chatting up this past season courtesty of a brain tumor — and I had to stop watching.  I would torture my husband, asking questions like, “Is that proper hospital protocol?  She didn’t wash her hands, couldn’t that kill him?  Would a bunch of doctors just stand around and watch her kill her fiance?  Is there anyone on staff that Izzie hasn’t schtupped?  If I agree to have another kid, will you promise me that we never have this show on our television again?”  I don’t know if I have any of those facts right, but that’s how acid-induced the show appeared to me at the time.  And we have a two-year-old — I’m a woman of my word.

So, to all you rabid Grey‘s fans, are you just so excited that Izzie is alive?  Who is she going to sleep with on this upcoming season?

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  • First off, let’s remember that this is a show.. It is not a documentary or reality, and therefore will have a somewhat unbelievable and questionable plot. That said, Izzie is Izzie. Her character is that way for a reason.. Cutting Dennys wire and then being all messed up and sleeping with people is just her character coping (Not a very good way, mind you.. But thats what Shonda decided to write)

    It’s a great show nontheless, and even though shes a drama queen about her contract.. Lets hope she gets her act together. And hopefully the plot will thicken! :)

  • I would much rather George survived than Izzie. I used to like her, it wasn’t even the Denny thing that changed my mind.. I’m not sure what it was.. maybe a bitchiness that developed over time? That being said I will watch whether she lives or dies. There are enough other characters that I love (Christina Yang, Miranda Baily, etc) and the story lines are entertaining. Plus I do love my medical shows. I also heard that Arizona is going to become a regular. She is someone that I thought would annoy me but I kinda think she is great. Maybe with more money and the near death Izzie will be more likable. I also wonder how she can come back from stage IV melanoma. Can’t wait to see!

  • I’m a die hard American soap-opera lover. I defend oh-so-many of them to friends and family who laugh at me. I KNOW they’re crazy and people drop into comas left right and centre, but that is part of the CHARM.
    Unfortunately, Grey’s has lost the key ingredient to a soap. Sometimes (just sometimes), good things should happen. That means that I will put up with the swapped babies, coma fantasies, murder, and the occasional haunting storylines because every now and then there is something that makes me happy.
    Grey’s is just so goddamn depressing that I’ve given up watching it. I’m pretty sure that it’s in no small part to the fact that every time the character of Izzie appears I yell “SHUT UP Katherine Heigl, NO ONE CARES” at my tv screen. She has the ability to send me into a spasm of unreasonable rage, while also being so boring that I black out. A splack-out if you will.

    Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to end my rant and go and encourage the world to use the term ‘splack-out’.

    • I adore All My Children and One Life To Live. I know they’re terrible but I like to watch them for exactly the reason you mentioned. Terrible things happen but they’re never depressing.

  • i’ve always loved grey’s even if it’s plot was a bit unrealistic. i like a show that makes me think and grey’s undoubtedly does that every time. i hated how izzie was talking to denny for that long period of time, i just wanted him to GO AWAY. i was sad that she was inevitably gonna die but when the finale came around and George was possibly dead too, i was pissed!! now that i find out george is ACTUALLY dead and izzie is somehow alive and i wish it were the other way around. sigh. i know i’ll keep watching the show and hopefully i won’t hate it without george

    • Yes, I totally agree that this past season spent far too much time with the ghost of Denny! At least it gave Jeffery Dean Morgan a pay check, eh?

      Hopefully TR Knight will at least come back for one episode to give us a proper send off for George. I don’t watch the show regularly (mostly due to the aforementioned Denny ghost fatigue) but I’d tune in to see his character again.

  • I hate Meredith way more than Izzie. Maybe it’s because I can separate the Heigl from the Izzie.

  • I had to stop watching that show, I think it was season 3. When the off-screen antics became too much. Also, all the characters are so self-absorbed and in love with their own quirkiness. They talk endless at others, they never talk “with” anyone. Two people will be talking at each other, neither caring what the other says, just constantly listening to the sound of their own voice.

    Here’s how I quit and you can too. I missed an episode and I lived. And I didn’t freak out or go to the interweb to read an episode recap. Then I missed another episode and again, it wasn’t bad. Then the nonsense between Patrick Dempsey and Isaiah Washington (that was his name, right???) happened and I realized I just didn’t care anymore. Then Katherine H opened her big stupid mouth and I knew I was never going back.

  • I don’t watch the show, but I gotta say this is one of the most unflattering pictures of Katherine Heigl I’ve ever seen.

    • Whoops, I guess I should have read the comments beforehand.

      But, I see I’m not the alone on this.

    • I know, right? It reminds me of Charlize Theron the year she won the Oscar. Hair is far too blonde and skin too orange. Blech!

  • God damn, she’s just not attractive anymore, is she? She was way hotter in Bride of Chucky…

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mother effer, I wanted george to stay- he looked realll good with that buzz cut. but Izzie? geez, she is ANNOYING. I hate that character so much… she is going to have an affair with owen and Christina will kick her ass. mark my words!

  • I think it ruins the validity of the writing when it is effected by the actors off-screen egos and threats.

    I say, kill them both and get on with the actors who appreciate having a job.