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Paris Hilton’s Family Hated Doug as Much as I Did

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt at Premiere of Rex Pictures Photos

Priceless little quotes coming out of the AEG party at Club Nokia last night.

From Paris’s mother, Kathy Hilton:

“I think Paris needs to be with someone who is a bit more mature, older and has their own thing.”

And from her aunt, Kyle Richards, who’s definitely more of a famewhore than Kathy:

“The stories out there about our family not approving of their relationship are completely true. Doug was riding Paris’ coattails. The break-up affected me in a good way. It’s definitely time for Paris to move on.”

Oooh, I love it! I’m actually cackling to myself. I am rejoicing in Douche’s pain! Seriously I have had the worst PMS all day and I’ve been so grumpy but suddenly I am happy and all is well in the world again. I hope Kyle decides to extend this particular fifteen minutes a little further by dishing even more dirt about Paris and The Douche.

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  • Haha… he has a website. It has rap porno music playing when you enter the site and the “about me” section starts by saying, “Doug started playing organized baseball at 4 years old.” Oh what a complex human being.

  • They ought to take a few moments to reflect on Paris and her nonsense as well. They seemed to be a pretty good match as far as complexity goes.

  • “The break-up affected me in a good way.” What? Should we care about how the break-up affected Paris’ uncle?? Hello?

  • Is it me, or is Paris looking more and more bird-like as time goes on? What’s the word for bird-like? You know, like ‘equine’ but for a bird.