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Liv Tyler Interferes. It Doesn’t Go Well.

Liv Tyler

Check out these pictures that INFphoto captured!

Liv Tyler was out on the streets of Los Angeles yesterday when she saw an older woman yelling at a crying toddler.  Maybe because she has been in a superhero movie (Incredible Hulk — was he a superhero?) she thought she needed to save the day. 

After approaching the child to make sure she was okay, the screaming woman told Liv to mind her business. 

Tyler returned to her car to call 911.  Can you imagine how that phone call went? 

911:  “911.  What is your emergency?”

Liv:  “Yes, I’m in Los Angeles and I just saw a crying toddler!”

911:  “And?”

Liv:  “Can you send out a cruiser?”

Liv Tyler thinks yelling at a toddler pitching a temper tantrum is worthy of law enforcement involvement?  She wouldn’t survive a day in my house.  Not.  A.  Day.

Anyway, the pictures in the gallery tell the story.  Kind of like those little flip books that look like animation if you go through the pages quick enough.  Crying kid.  Pissed off Grandma.  Bad shorts on Liv.  The end.

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  • Congratulations to Liv – so many people (myself included) just turn a blind eye to a child in distress and an obviously angry carer. She stuck her neck out and I don’t think she should be criticised for it.

    • It wasn’t her place to comment or intervene.

      In fact, if people didn’t turn a blind eye to what they individually considered improper caregiving there’d be all-out brawls.

    • Agreed, trollydolly. Although i’m pretty sure I couldn’t do it unless it was something completely over the top. The best I usually give is a dirty look. Good for Liv.

  • I don’t know how I feel about her interference. If the nanny was hitting the kid (as jjjj says), then that would make sense. But yelling? Sometimes I want to interfere when toddlers are crying, too (though I never do), but it’s usually because the parents/nanny aren’t doing anything to shut the kid up and they should! =)

    • Yeah, there’s a website called “I saw your nanny.” Seems like a better alternative to yelling at somebody.

  • Children are not owned by parents or caregivers or anyone and yelling at a toddler is not about the child, it is about the emotions of the adult.

    Yelling at anyone is never productive, however satisfying it might be.

    I believe we could all make this a better place if people thought their angry behavior towards children, other adults, whomever, would be noted, commented on, called into question.

    And I had 3 boys under 4.

    Now you all can yell at me…..

  • First: Why do some people assume that this woman is a nanny???? Is it her ethnicity?

    Second: Liv looks fabulous. Her legs are gorgeous. The shorts do nothing for her, but still she looks great!

    Third: It depends on to what degree the lady was taking it. I didnt see it, so I dont know how much she was yelling at the kid or if she was hitting him.

    • i was thinking the same things, wish i could look so good in those ugly shorts. Liv will always be beautiful.

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  • Yelling at a toddler is not a crime. Unproductive more than anything. What is a crime? Those fugly shorts. WTF

  • I doubt Liv just intervened because some old granny was yelling at a kid… it was probably worse that that!!! I’m glad Liv said something. I wanna know what happened next!

  • I am sorry, I just don’t think she would have went over and intervened if the old lady was wailing on the kid, and what a wimp if she skuttled away and didn’t call 911 if the child was truly getting beat up. This photo screams “Kid having a tantrum, mind your own business rich lady.”