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Brooke Hogan’s Boyfriend Gives Her Sex as a Gift For Her Birthday. And She’s Okay With That.

Hey, guys.  I have to make this quick.  I started playing this recording of the fantastic song that Brooke Hogan lent her, uh, vocals to on her rapper-boyfriend Jeremih’s song “Birthday Sex” and now every dog that resides in a two-mile radius is howling on my front porch.  I’ve got a situation on my hands. 

While I deal with animal control, I ask you this:  Which is worse?  “Birthday Sex” or “Sneakernight?”

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  • This is a Joke, Right?

    This has to be the worst song ever.

    I can’t believe it sucks so bad.

  • The Brooke song is worse

    And are we sure that is Brooke singing? as it sounds like Stephen Hawking with a stutter.

    On that basis I ought to like it as my secret dream is the Hawkster on stage, with a karaoke machine and singing the greatest hits of Gary Numan. His voice synthesizer really lends itself to such a performance.

    It is a dream that will almost certainly remain unfulfilled.

    Sneakernight just sounds like generic produced-by-numbers pop music to me, like at least 20% of what oozes into the charts.

  • did he seriously just say pussy reservation????? oh my god! this is…really bad. it’s sooooo bad that it’s beyond so bad that it’s not even funny so that it IS funny.

    oh, and sneakernight is mozart/shakespeare compared to this.

    • lol! i totally agree…but it isn’t the kind of funny where you can bring yourself to laugh out loud…its like inside youre thinking, what alternate universe do these people live in? who thought, yea, i’ll produce this….

  • What? Really? I love “Sneakernight”! I know it’s not very good at all, but at least it’s enjoyable to listen to.
    “Birthday Sex” is just awful.

    • I agree 100%.

      Brooke Hogan can’t sing. She sounds like she’s using the back of her throat.

  • ok i love the song birthday sex! i have the original song on my myspace LOL, i didn’t know that jeremiah was brooke hogans bf. it’s not bad actually, she sounds good. yall are just a bunch of fuckin haters!

    • Seriously, you thought that was good and we’re all haters for not liking that? That was not music, that was everything that is wrong with the “recording industry” today.

      Oh wait, you said it’s on your MySpace page. You’re probably kidding but if not, please don’t vote or procreate.

    • I agree. Given how annoying this song was before her and fabolous on it I’d say MAJOR IMPROVEMENT even for Brooke. This is looking like Hater Central right now…. out of the million remixes for Birthday Sex THIS ONE made my ipod. Before I heard HER remix I even laughed and said omg Brooke Hogan and then…..I let it play and said oh my god do I love this remix?! I DO! lol

  • ok i just saw like 25 seconds of this sneakernight song, and OMG this is the stupidist shit i have ever heard! first off i cant stand vanessa “im’a fake bitch” hud but her vocals are good, it’s just the song. they really dont want her ass to grow up do they?

    • Now wouldn’t your statement make you, by your definition, a hater? Yes, I believe it would. You are a hater.

  • lmao Brooke is such an idiot.. And so is Vanessa Hudgens.. These “new artists” have no talent whatsoever, it’s ridiculous..

  • I couldn’t make it past her “singing” what I assume is the chorus. I don’t know Sneaker Night but I’m assuming it sucks.

    I have to listen to a little Springsteen now to remind me what good music actually sounds like.

  • OMG this is just, just awful! Worse than Sneaker Night, which is really really awful too… it’s like serving someone a plate of poop and asking them if they prefer it runny or scrambled

  • She sounds like a man trying to sing like a woman after a botched sex change….not good.

  • This sounds like a parody of a parody. SO bad..and who ever came up with those lyrics gets a total FAIL. There really should be more negative consequences for people with such blatant lack of taste.

    Oh, and the sneaker song is absolutely off the charts retarded, but at least it doesn’t include the lyric “pussy reservation”.

  • He’s not her bf and Brooke is usually one of the worst singers but she made this song hot as f**k. I like Fabolous usually but even he wasn’t enough for me to make this wack song tolerable but him and Brooke on it made it on point. 4 out of 5.

  • This remix was hot. Brooke sounds really good and she looks good as well, there’s just so many haters in this world now days. Don’t matter tho, she’s cakin that money in the bank while yall aint got nadda on her. I agree 4 out of 5.