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Michelle Pfeiffer Is 51. Really.


Ugh.  I want to be catty and scream “Photoshop!” and “Surgery!” but I don’t know.  Michelle Pfeiffer is looking pretty damn amazing on August’s cover of InStyle magazine.

I guess if there’s any solace, Michelle admits that her physique doesn’t come naturally.  “I have to work at it…There are women who just genetically have beautiful bodies—it seems to us they don’t have to work out. I personally have to work at it.  I’m doing all the right things. I do cardio and strength training, a little bit of weights. I mix it up, but I can’t push myself the way I used to.”

Oh, Michelle, I’m so glad to know that you aren’t one of those “I never work out and I eat 4,000 calories a day chicks.”  I love you.

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  • Incorrectly punctuated. :)

    In other news, HOLY SHIT SHE’S 51?! Wasn’t she in Hairspray? If so, she looks really young. If that wasn’t her, I look like an idiot. Yippee.

  • she does look great but this is covered in photoshop. trust me, I have taken classes on this kind of work and it is completely shopped. even the color of her eyes have been punched up a ton- oh and her hair color too. I mean of course she looks great but there is no doubt this was shopped. I just had to say it. it is nice that she is honest about working out. shows that she is just like all of us fat asses.

    • She was on Letterman last night and looked just as good as she does in this magazine, which I also have. there may be a little photoshopping, but not much. She looks great.


    she is a beauty and has not ruined her face with plastic or toxic chemicals. YAY!!!

    and, thank you, beet, for featuring someone over 40, uh, 50, on your site. CHEERS!

    a magazine cover of michelle pfeiffer is more interesting than 10 pix of lindsay lohan, with or without clothing.

    WOO! Bring it.

    • Please. She’s real purty and I agree she looks good for her age, but she has the same bad teeny mushroom nose as a lot of other actresses.

      • When they do that to their noses, no matter how pretty, the face loses all it’s character. I’m talking to you, Jessica Biel!

    • She never had any. Ever watch Tequila Sunrise? She is stunningly beautiful in that movie and has a nude scene.

  • Then can I be the one to shout Photoshop and plastic surgery?

    Honestly, though, I have no problem with admitting someone looks good with their surgery, only with pretending they haven’t had it. A 51 year old does not naturally look like that, ever. On that front, I agree, it’s very refreshing to hear someone admit that they work at their look. Good for her, she’s achieving what she hopes to with it.

  • Michelle Pfeiffer hasn’t had plastic surgery. Her nose is real. Everything you read is hearsay, so judge for yourself. I made a site about how she didn’t have PS, so check it out: (If the link doesn’t work, just type “Michelle Pfeiffer Aging Gracefully” on google.)

  • she great loking no matter how old she is [watch cheri then make your opinion .but we should judge her for her talent which i would give her a 10 out of 10 as well as her looks