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Is There Anything Greater Than Pics of Kristen Stewart’s Ridiculous New Haircut?


Yes. There is something greater than pics of the ridiculous Joan Jett haircut Kristen’s sporting for her new flick, Runaways. And it’s these photos of Dakota Fanning, her costar, arriving at rehearsals.

Dakota Fanning at Runaways Rehearsals Pictures Photos


Seriously, though, no. I don’t think a look like this will ever work on Dakota. She’s forever eight years old in my mind, and no number of pretentious interviews or rape scenes is going to change that for me. Put on a nice ruffled dress and run off to your tea party, Dakota. Leave the badass-ing to Kristen. She’s really, really good at it.

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  • Both of them r pretty.
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  • I really cant call it ridiculous since it really makes her pretty…

    Dakotas outfit on the other hand looks a bit weird but she is cute as always.

  • how did that spammer get in here?

    those eyebrowns on KS need some serious penciling. I want to see this cut actually styled! wtf!

    yeah Dakota not badass

    what is the age when bad-assing is just ridiculous? 30? 27? I am kind of thinking almost 21 because I mean what cant you do at 21 besides rent a car? so like in a year do I throw away my pleather jacket? Kristin should do a seminar on badassing.

  • I vote for more Kristen Stewart and Daily Lohan posts… as many as possible… and then eschew everything else! Kidding (kinda)

  • I saw the picture of Kristen Stewart and figured that I’d be alone in thinking that she looks pretty hot, but I’m happy to see that I’m with the majority on this one.

  • The look for KStew is totally believable…and it works for her. Dakota Fanning looks RIDICULOUS. Don’t get me wrong, she’s so pretty and adorable. Yes, ADORABLE. She is no BAMF.

  • I don’t normally like Kristen Stewart much, but the hair is okay in my book. But then again, if I was to ever switch teams, Joan Jett would do it ;)

  • It’s all about recreating accurate suicidal rock characters that lived!, so they can teach other newcomers to stick in there and really force the awful addict’s lifestyle.. live fast, live free, somewhat in a dazed medical nightmare, vomit and stomach pump your way to fame then come back when your old, poor and frumpy and make more money to zonk out thru your old age.

  • Considering the fact that I really REALLY dislike Stewart, she does look really good here. Dakota’s face looks pretty (she always looks very natural) but something has got to be done about those pants/leggings/jeans (???) In fact, what are they??

  • heeyy , i really like krist new haircut! its any ridiculous so shut upp please because she’s beaaautiful ok? hahaha just kidding. seriously, she is preety with her new look, love her.

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