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Carnie Wilson Loses A Quick Six Pounds


I really wanted to title this post “Carnie Wilson’s Fetus Couldn’t Hold On For One More Day,” but then I realized that sounded really morbid and I didn’t want to scare you all into thinking something went wrong.

Singer and game show host Carnie Wilson gave birth to a 6 lbs, 5 oz. baby girl, Luciana Bella Bonfiglio on Friday.  The newest addition joins their four-year-old daughter Lola Sofia.

Carnie currently hosts GSN’s Newlywed Game.  I am ashamed to admit that I’ve watched it more than three times — it’s really bad — and that I make my husband play along with me.  Carnie is creepy, bordering on lecherous as she inquires for further details about the contestant’s whoopie sessions.

Ick!  Anyway, congrats to Carnie and her “musician” husband.

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  • She looks good! Thank you for writing another story so I don’t have to look at the creepy/weird pics of Bruce Willis anymore :)

  • Okay don’t mean to be arsy but you say “the newest addition joins their four-year-old daughter Lola Sofia.”, when you don’t even mention who her husband is… Sorry to be pedantic but it kind of caught my eye.

  • She looks good, good luck..
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