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I’m Not Really A Celebrity, Pay Attention to Me


A few hours after being kicked off of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, Daniel Baldwin ranted to reporters about the other stars of the show. I use the terms “celebrity” and “stars” here in the loosest sense possible– like, Kate Gosselin’s hymen level of loose. Surprisingly, the bulk of his rants weren’t directed at The Couple Who Must Not Be Named, but at collagen catastrophe Janice Dickinson.

“Janice Dickinson is undereducated and over-medicated,” fumed Baldwin. “I struggle with people who have that sense of entitlement. Like [The Couple Who Must Not Be Named], she [thinks] being annoying will keep her on the show. She urinated in the camp rather than walk an extra 25 steps, she stole food and lied about it… It’s almost a sociopath’s behavior.”

With that couple, I can definitely believe that it was all an act. After all, they have to do something to keep themselves famous, and like a needy, love-starved 3 year old, they figure any attention is good attention. But with Janice, I don’t know. I think her brand of annoying insanity is 100% organic. In fact, it’s probably the only thing about Janice Dickinson that is natural.

Baldwin also fessed up that the experience was nowhere near as hard as he thought it would be and nowhere near as difficult as some of the others were making it out to be.

“There was food, there were cots under cover, there were [toilets] and showers. I thought I’d have to suck the spider venom out of my brother’s arm. But they even have medics there for that.”

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    • Maybe it’s me, but I fail to see the brilliance in that comment. Is the implication that Kate Gosselin must have a loose hymen because she has eight kids? If so, that makes no sense since all her kids were delivered via c-section. Don’t try so hard next time.

      • I was going to leave a smart-ass reply, but I just looked it up and found that a sexually active woman can still have her hymen. Had no idea–I thought those things went away on the first go.

  • well first off, i watched “celbrity fatass club” and guess who was on it?daniel baldwin, and he was high most of the time and acted like a douche. but guess what! it brought drama LOL and i loved it. so i find it very hypocrytical that he talk about janice that way, all that describes him!