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Bitch Needs to Eat a Hamburger


This post is for all of you who’ve ever uttered that phrase.

Here are some pictures of Gisele Bundchen “eating” at a Five Guys. I don’t believe it though. In the one picture that should show her eating, there is a sign conveniently covering the place where the hamburger should be. Even money she’s really holding a radish.

The staff of Five Guys reported hearing gagging noises coming from the bathroom after Bundchen entered, but later discovered several issues of People magazine in the stall and concluded that the model became severely nauseated after reading her own interviews.

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    • Isn’t she though? I’m not a huge fan, and am on Team Bridget, but not many people on the planet can look just as gorgeous in a pap shot with no makeup as they do in an actual photo shoot.

  • I am so glad I am not the only one who uses thie title of this post as a complete statement when describing some people. Thanks, Kelly.

    • Don’t blame Beet, this is Kelly. Although Beet’s choice to to reach out to those with developmental disabilities by hiring one as weekend editor is, I agree, a poor decision.

  • Kelly the Bitch
    Gisele sempre comeu bem e sim ela COME hamburger a diferença é que o metabolismo dela é rápido o que lhe dá a vantagem de comer o que quiser sem se preocupar em engordar diferente de vcs americanas GORDAS E HIPÓCRITAS com metabolismo lento Kelly vc é uma IDIOTA

  • sorry–but her hair color sucks. i just don’t understand why her roots MUST look like they haven’t been washed. UGLY!!!

  • Hi!
    I don’t know who whote before (from Brazil) but…I totally agree.
    I’m Brazilian.
    And I’m gonna tranlsate(try to) what she said=)
    ”Gisele always eats well and she does eat hamburguer, the difference is that her metabolism is fast, what gives her the advantage of eating what she wants without worry of getting fat…really different of you, americans, FAT AND HYPOCRITS with slow metabolism. Kelly you’re an IDIOT.”
    That happens when you are not born in Brazil. You’re jealous because of her HOT and PERFECT body and HAIR. BRAZILIAN WOMEN ARE THE MOST BEATIFUL.
    The question is: Can YOU do better???? No, so shut your mouth.