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Miley Cyrus Has Some Hang-ups


When will these interviewers learn that no means no? 

When most celebrities do press, their publicist provides the media with a list of off-topic subjects.  In other words, “If you ask about this subject, we’ll never speak to you on a press junket again.”  It’s why I get so annoyed when Jennifer Aniston constantly talks about Brad, yet people portray her as some defenseless animal who can’t control what questions are asked of her.  Um, actually, yes she can totally draw a line in the sand.  So when you read all those, “I still save the phone messages from my husband” articles, just know that it’s because she’s actively choosing to discuss Brad. 

Sorry, I’m on a tangent and off track.  Miley Cyrus had a radio phone interview scheduled with the MJ Morning Show today.  Guess what happened when the DJ intentionally asked her about something that wasn’t on the list?  Click here to listen to the dial tone.

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  • Oh big deal. What else are they supposed to ask? Hows your 16-year-old life going for you? The unwanted questions ARE THE ONES THAT ARE WANTED, nothing else.

    Telling interviewers that they’re not allowed to ask a question is ridiculous and cowardly.

  • haha i really hate MJ. i live in tampa and have been subjected to his shitty radio show my whole life basically. but that was funny. i was expecting some way out of bounds question about sex or something, but jaime fox? that gets a hang up? lol.

  • Well? They knew they weren’t supposed to talk about it. The guy was kind of an asshole. Yeah, sure you’re not trying to be obnoxious. You’re just asking her a question that you’re not supposed to.

  • kit-kat is clueless on how celebs and vips conduct “controlled” press conferences or interviews. They all do it, in fact, some even require the press to sign an agreement before which outlines what can and cannot be asked. It may be cowardly but it’s routine nowadays.

    BTW nice pic of the youngin’

  • i hate to be the one to ask this…i was waiting for someone else to but they haven’t. is her vagina sweating?

  • She said that she is given a certain amount of time then it goes to the next station.

    I listened and she started to answer and a dial tone.

    3 ways to look at it.

    1. her mom/dad/publicist terminated the call b4 she could answer, for damage control.

    2. the radio station knew this and purposely put out this stupid question, (D.J. sounded like an asshole)

    3. She is telling the truth and her satlite feed just moved on.

    I think 1 or 2, or both. But again we have an ADULT MALE making a reference to underage sex.

      • I considered that an obvious overtell! lol

        It is like a car accident, you shouldnt look but you do.

        Billy ray must be having a fit. lol

    • wait.. what? oh yeah, he was totally referencing underage sex. that’s exactly where he was going with that question…

  • Jennifer Aniston is not actively choosing to discuss Brad. She is actively choosing to not not talk about Brad. I think if she were to put him as a non-topic then people wouldn’t let that go either. It’s the bored media that is still trying to make their breakup into a bigger issue than it was.

    • Honestly, there is nothing else that interesting about Jennifer Aniston, so she will continue to milk it in order to remain relevant. That’s why she still talks about it.

  • MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I love MJ! I used to listen to that show EVERY MORNING. ugh… stupid college taking me away from my beloved MJ and the morning crew.. fester.. froggy.. .awww I love them as if they were my own rude and obnoxious older brothers.

    ohhh hahah.. I thought they asked her something dirty but I dont see why she can’t answer that.

  • Wtf? he was talking about underage sex? with the jamie foxx question?……. Im lost… I tought this was about the getting a pipe thingy…. I guess i just didn’t get the joke then…

  • Theres a bunch of people on here who are pervs talking about a 17 year old woman in her pic. Grow up will you. I thought her hanging up on MJ was awesome he knew what questions not to ask and he went ahead and asked one way to go Miley you rock.

  • If you look at the pic up close you can see that the wet spot is coming from her butt and I know that everyone who works hard sweats and has a wet spot on the lower crouch part of there pants.