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Grief Makes People Do Irrational Things


It’s only been a couple months since Liam Neeson tragically lost his wife Natasha Richardson.  If you’ve ever lost a spouse, you know that the early days after their death seem like a fog.  I suspect that Liam Neeson is in no condition to be making career decisions right now.

I, for one, am blaming that fog of grief for Neeson’s desire to be cast in an A-Team movie, based on the 1980’s show.  What other reason could their be for such misguided and cloudy judgment?

Liam would take on the late George Peppard’s role of Colonel Hannibal Smith in the Ridley Scott production.  Let’s hope salary negotiations break down.

Speaking of Ridley Scott, he’s currently working on that Robin Hood moviewith Russell Crowe and that’s shaping up to be a disaster as well.  The flick, originally titled Nottingham, but now untitled, has had its share of drama.  Sienna Miller was fired, Russell Crowe was too fat, script rewrites and a fired director.  New reports claim that Scott and Crowe are constantly fighting and shutting down production — a practice that leads to huge budget overages for any movie.

What is the lesson in all this?  Remakes — bad!

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  • I think Robin Hood will do well, it’s tapping into the zeitgeist. Redistribution of wealth has a certain cultural currency right now.

  • awhh.
    my mother has a friend whose husband died about half a year ago.
    we saw her about 4 months after his death,
    and she was talking about him like he was still alive.
    she seemed really depressed.
    it was really sad.

  • Wendie!!!

    It should be “What other reason could THERE be for such misguided and cloudy judgment?” and not “What other reason could their be for such misguided and cloudy judgment?”

    You’re always the one that’s so good!!!