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The Gosselins Under Attack

Jon Gosselin

If you’ve ever entertained the thought of trying to become famous, think about the Gosselins.  Their marriage is over, their parenting has been criticized and investigated, even their physical appearances are discussed on forums all over the Internet.

Now the Humane Society of Berks County is responding to complaints of animal cruelty.  People from all over the country have filed reports voicing concern that the many Gosselin children are too rough on their German Shepherd pups, Nala and Shoka.

Jon, who seems to busy to try and pull his marriage out of a ditch, released this statement:  “I’d like to set the record straight.  We understand the responsibilities of being good dog owners. Whenever my kids are with Shoka and Nala, everyone is carefully supervised to ensure that no one – dog or child – is injured. Shoka and Nala are loyal companions who we consider members of our family. We would never do anything to hurt them, and treat them with the respect and love that they deserve.”

Berks County confirms that the dogs are properly registered and vaccinated and they have no reason to believe that the animals are being hurt or abused.

Who are these people calling county officials to report these imagined infractions against the Gosselins?

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  • I think it was viewers of the show. Jon made the mistake of talking about how the kids play rough with the dogs. You know, cause they’re kids. Playing with dogs.

  • It’s that bitch – Aunt Jodie! She’ll be on another TV show soon selling some more “inside information”. She is disgusting.

    • The last interview with aunt jodi, she looked mean. I guess we all see her for what she was. When the kids look back, they will see the interviews and blame her and the sister, rightfully so.

      She never respected Kate or her wishes. Who gives gum to a 3 year old? Bet Jodi had an easy life. Dont care, little sour snitch.

    • while I’m upset that Jodie and Kevin went on TV and all that, she’s NOT a bitch. she was the one constant dependable person in the kids’ lives – one that did not care about the money, fame, etc.

  • It is one thing to report them for possibly violating child labor laws considering they are all on a big TV show, but to start making claims that they are abusing their dogs because the young children are “playing too rough with them” is kind of absurd. It is starting to feel like these crazy people are just looking for a way to tear the family down further than they already are. I second the vote that it is the crazy sister of Aunt Jodi ring leading it.

    • Ed Hardy does seem to be the line du jour for douche bags everywhere. Maybe they could incorporate that into some kind of company tag line?

    • No joke, Ed Hardy is beyond lame…if my father was out in public wearing that crap I’d want him to leave…

    • Agreed. Forget about the dogs and any infractions. The crime is the hideous hoodie. Snap out of it Jon. I used to be on your side, but you are losing me!

    • Ed Hardy is total douchewear. I clicked on this entry just to bitch about Ed Harpy crap and lo and behold, all you wonderful people beat me to it.

  • people need to leave this family fucking alone. Jesus christ. It’s so out of hand. I don’t understand how people can get THIS upset at how they are raising their families. Don’t they know that MILLIONS of children have it much, much, much worse? UGH I am so sick of this

  • 8 kids and they have 2 dogs also? Aren’t they over their legal limit of bodies on that piece of land? Good grief!

  • It is the big butted ladies from this hate Kate site called Gosselins With Out Pity, a blog where these women spend all day hating on Kate, her weight, her personality, anything and everything Gosselin, they surf site to site on Jon and Kate and then post it back at this blog for all to berate and hate on the Gosselins, it’s an obsession to these gals, check out their posts, even one encourages reporting Jon to the Humane Society and alot of the haters are these hateful spiteful women from this blog, it’s unreal how some one can be so full of hate, but these big butted women (they must be, they are so unhappy and find happiness in creating unhappiness and hoping for unhappiness in the Gosselin family, it’s shocking.) They feed off of one another, check out post after post of negativity, and if anyone posts some thing positive, their heads spin, their beady eyes turn red and they attack, it’s like teens being bullies on a playground. It’s pure jealousy, I call them big butted GWOPers (Gosselin With Out Pity bloggers) but in my opinion GWOP stands for Gals With Out Purpose! Here is their little hateful community….exposed…

  • Gee John!! “….love and respect ” …..for dogs just not Kate right?! How nice of you to set us stalkers straight.

  • I think this website is the last place where you will defenders of Jon and Kate (Other than the crazy stalker fan, Baby Mama). Wendie, you left out the reason why many people were complaining to the Humane Society – the following quotation by Jon to People magazine:

    “Those kids beat them up, climb on them, pull their tails, bite at them, drag them around and everything you can imagine not to do to an animal, they’ve done.”

    Personally, I don’t think the dogs are being abused, but perhaps, the Gosselins might want to train their kids before one of those very large dogs loses patience and snaps. It happened to my friend’s kid whose parents thought it was sooo cute that the dog would let their two year old do anything to their dog. Let’s just say that the now four year old is now not so cute and has several more plastic surgery operations to go through. So, no, it was not Jodie who reported them, but various readers of People magazine. As for people continuously asking to leave the poor Gosselin family alone? I think once Jon and Kate decide to take their family off of a reality show, the attention will simmer down pretty quickly. Finally, please read the following link. It is a very well written piece from someone who has direct experience with the Gosselins, and did not have very many nice things to say.

  • german shepherds are great, smart dogs but a bit high-strung and not the best breed for families – they are in the top 10 breeds every year for biting-related injuries. with 8 kids they should have gone with golden retriever or lab – both are great family dogs.

  • I’m glad people complained to the Humane Society; the dogs are probably okay, but why not investigate to be sure? Frankly, from watching the show, I’ve come to doubt the Gosselins’ intelligence and common sense. Who gets two puppies when you have eight small children and admit you know nothing about dogs? Why on Earth get puppies when you’re a neat-freak with OCD? Get a dog who’s already house-broken. Or better yet, a goldfish.

    I heard one puppy already had to have surgery after it swallowed one of the kids’ toys. And then Jon disregarded the vet’s post-op instructions. Yeah, I think there are more than enough reasons for people to be concerned about the well-being of those pups.

  • i hope that jon and kate are going to be ok. im sure the dogs are being treated ok. why would they get dogs if they realy didnt want them think about it.

  • ok first off i wanna say that kate is awesome and i dont get y everyone hates her. i think jon is the one that u should b picking on. also im a bit confused. i heard about sumthin called kate plus 8 thats gonna be a new jonless show. duz anyone know wen thtas gonna start? i rly wana know. also i just wanna share who my fave gossie kid is. here it is: L for little. E for energetic. A for adorable. H for heavens angel. put that 2gether and u get LEAH. I LUV HER SOOOOO MUCH!!!! she duz soo many cute things ive lost count. if u luv leah as much as me reply and share with me ur leah luv.