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Mickey Rourke’s Grandma Had Free Long Distance Calling To Heaven


Mickey Rourke talked with the Guardian about all sorts of things such as monogamy — he can’t wait to start practicing it! — and death. 

In 2006, Mickey lost his brother Joe to a 25 year-long battle with cancer.  His grandmother, the woman who raised Rourke and his sibling, kept in touch with the deceased Joe the old fashioned way:  via Oijua board.  “My grandmother has been the most important woman in my life. I lost her about four months ago, at 99. She was incredibly well read, two books a week her entire life. She taught me the importance of being a gentleman, and how that will carry you a long way. She told me these things a million times, but maybe I didn’t listen hard enough. My brother Joe was just as fond of her. He called her four times a day his whole life. Joe died in my arms, but she still carried on speaking to him, via her Ouija board.”

Listen, Mickey, you’re a little strange and apparently your relatives are a little weird, too.  I mean, talking to your dead relatives via Ouija board is just odd.  Everyone knows that metal coat hangers are the best way to catch a signal to the afterworld.

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  • personally I use a tin foil hat but whatever floats your boat.

    I often manage to contact aliens too using the same chapeau but they have yet to learn English so we have a communication barrier at present.

    • “Everyone knows that metal coat hangers are the best way to catch a signal to the afterworld.” and your comment –


      Best. Ever.

  • I kind of like Mickey Rourke a bit better after reading this. I’m just going to pretend the Ouija part wasn’t there.

  • Yeah, they should talk to their dead relatives the old-fashioned way via talking directly to the Santa Claus in the sky or leaving messages with priests.

  • Obviously his grandmother was budget conscious – Ouija boards are a lot cheaper than going to a medium. Although in his grandmother’s day, you couldn’t just search on the internet or watch TV to find out about mediums.

    I wonder what John Edward, George Anderson, Alison Dubois and Suzane Northrup charge for a reading? Jeffery Wands charges $1,200 but Joanne Gerber charges $300. I wonder who is most accurate, an experienced medium or an experienced ouija board user?

  • I love Mickey! Sure he is a little different but he seems like a really sweet, good hearted guy!

  • Mickey is a fascinating guy, an adventurer who doesn’t have a problem with the ‘unusual.’ His grandmother, God rest her soul, was probably very much like my sainted Irish grandmother, who believed in all things psychic. Personally, I am not fond of ouija boards, but I have had enough other psychic experiences myself to know that there is definitely more to this life than meets the eye. You ROCK, Mickey, my love! Keep bringin’ it!

  • Mickey is so interesting. He really opens up to the public. He is honest and human. Most celebrities are not. His fans hang on everything he says. He is becoming an obsession. I can’t wait to hear him. He is always so lively and fun.