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Britney’s Spiral of Crazy Is Now Almost Complete


I give Britney Spears a lot of credit for rebounding back to some level of sanity, but I’ve always felt that something was amiss. 

I went through the checklist and realized that she’s accomplished almost everything required in order to get her Train Wreck Certification:  photographed with no underwear under her dress, passed out in a nightclub, suspected drug use and abuse, lapsed into British accents, standoff with the cops, wore a pink wig, slept with paparazzi, stayed in a mental health facility.  

So, what was missing?  Ah, yes.  Topless photos and a sex video.  Now, thanks to old still shots from the “Gimme More” video Brit is one step closer to completing the picture of crazy.  It’s time for K-Fed to break out the ol’ home videos.

Click here for topless Britney and, uh, NSFW.  Duh.

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  • I’m glad to know those are only fake tattoos covering up those happy, little nipples of her’s.

  • She may be a train wreck, and has an ugly vajayjay, but her breasts are pretty awesome – natural, nicely shaped, and just big enough. I wouldn’t mind seeing her topless more often.