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Yes, It’s Another Video Blog, But It’s HELPFUL

You guys, I went to an informational session today for The Delta Society. It’s an organization that takes animals into hospices, hospitals and other organizations to work with the ill and disabled. I heard a bunch of volunteers and staff talk about what a difference these animals make, and I was totally inspired, so I wanted to talk to you guys all about it. The Delta Society operates out of Washington and a bunch of other U.S. states, but if you guys know of other, similar organizations operating in other states please feel free to leave the info in the comments.

Leo makes an adorable — albeit non-compliant — cameo around the 1:40 mark. If you look closely, you can also see my cat Josie sitting perfectly still and staring at the corner, like I’m the freakin’ Blair Witch.

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  • When my grandma was under hospice care her dog was her favorite visitor. I love that you are sharing this info.

    On another note, LEO IS SO EFFING CUTE!!! I want to squeeze him. I love the bangs too. Once they grow about 1/2 inch they’ll be perfection.

  • I love that your cat is just chilling in the background, staring at the wall. But awesome video for a great organization :)

  • She looked a whole lot better without the bangs though, I kinda miss the foarhead!

  • Beetster, your teeth are like fucking perfect. I think the ‘gold medal boy’ might be passing up some quality pussy. And yes, anything people can do for sick and dying folks is a worthy cause. I’m sure a little rascal like Leo would be a welcome diversion.

  • I LOVE the hair! You look soo beautiful with dark hair! And the bangs really work too ;)

  • Beet – you are the cutest thing ever. I love the hair color and love the bangs. Leo looked like he had stage fright! lol

  • You are so freaking adorable. And now that you have bangs, I just realised that without them you look like the green chick from Star Trek! Weird, but SO CUTE!

    And animals are so great at cheering people up- it’s a good way to help. Unfortunately, I have neither a dog (or any kind of fluffy animal, for that matter) or any idea if there is a similar charity operating in London. :c

  • i like your hair.. but you should stop calling Audrina “ceiling eyes. You kinda have a bit of a problem as well..

  • What the heck was that? Too much head and not enough chest in the framing of that video.

  • I think I wrote somewhere that I disliked your “botox eyebrows”, when you confessed to using botox and recommended it to others…
    But I’ve got to say you look amazing in this video. The hair is working wonders for you, your skin is clear and glowing and lovely.. Basically you look very wonderful!
    I’m sure that you don’t really care, but I know that I would appreciate a compliment any day and I thought I’d voice my opion: You look HOT!
    And it’s a great cause and it’s great that you want to spread the word.
    Good luck with Leo !

  • Great organization! Cute dog! However, I don’t know what these people are smoking because your bangs look like shit. I thought you would appreciate some honestly on the subject. If you paid for that, then you should get your money back.

  • beet – you should definitely do it! my mastiff is a “delta dog”, and she loves it – you should see how excited she gets when i put on her bandana . we go to children’s hospital and the kids just love her to death, they feed her treats and pet & hug her for hours. some of the little ones pick up her ears and whisper secrets to her. it is very rewarding, but i will warn you that sometimes you will go visit and discover that a regular patient has died or gotten worse. that happened to us recently: a little girl with cystic fibrosis that we visited 4 or 5 times – she just loved my dog. so i asked the nurse where she was and she took me aside to tell me the girl died of pneumonia. just be prepared for it, come home & cry, then let it go and focus on the good stuff – it is totally worth it! best $150 i ever spent.

  • I’m sorry but I don’t think it would be very responsible to bring any type of animal and their germs into a clinical, sterile setting to see immuno-compromised patients

    • visiting dogs don’t go into certain areas of the hospital – only areas that the doctors have okayed. duh.

  • the hair color is just so great on you. its greatness totally eclipsed whatever you were talking about.

  • I have no idea what you are saying in the video post because your bangs are so distracting.

    Only girls think bangs are “cute”. Trust me, guys don’t find them “cute” at all.

    I remember seeing your last video blog when you first dyed your hair. You were way hot then. Please return to hotness.

    • Trust me, girls with a sense of style don’t think they’re ‘cute’ either ;)