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Vanessa Minnillo Wants To Get Married; Nick Lachey Laughs Hysterically


I guess the way it works now is this:  If you’re famous and want to get married, take it to the media.  Jennifer Loved All My Fiances Hewitt issued the public ultimatum and now Vanessa Minnillo is trying the same pressure tactics.

Minnillo, and I like to call her Mannillo Wafer for no other reason than it makes me happy, talked with Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous dude, Robin Leach about the big five-carat diamond she has on her middle finger.  She’s very subtle:

“We’re still together,” she said emphatically.” He would have been here with me, but he had to attend a best friend’s 40th birthday party. So once again it looks as if I’m always the bridesmaid but never the bride. However, this romance is still going strong. There will always be rumblings and rumors that we’ve broken up, but in fact, it’s very much still on — and it keeps on getting better. Maybe this will be the one time I wind up the bride instead of the bridesmaid!”

As if to underscore that point, she showed me the 5-karat diamond ring she was wearing on her left hand! It’s on the middle finger though, and she laughed: “It will be 10 carats when it moves to the fourth finger!”

So there ya go!  Vanessa and Nick are still together — I was very worried about their status — and she’s a materialistic wench who won’t settle for less than a 10-carat diamond.  Snatch her up Nick…she sounds like a real prize.

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  • Ummmm…. I just find it hard to believe that Mr. Lachey would pay for another big ass ring.

    After Jessica promptly sold hers… with him publicly pissed about her doing it… thinking she should have just gave it back to him.

    Plus I seriously doubt he purchased the ring Manilla Wafer is wearing in this story… haha!

    I suspect she should be looking for another man to try that gold digging thing on…. ole’ Nick was somewhat frugal and I just don’t see him getting married to a girl demanding a 10 carat ring.

  • Nick always struck me as far too practical and down to earth for all this. He’s that chill sports guy that just kicks back a coors light and watches the redskins or something.

    10-carats? Does she want to permanently lean to one side.

  • My engagement ring is a modest .5 carat and I love it. What good is an engagement ring if you can’t wear it in everyday life?

  • WOw, can she be any more desperate? Nick doesn’t seem that interested in this chimpmunk face gold digger.