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Lindsay Lohan Goes Into Hiding To Avoid Death Glares Of Angry Designer


Lindsay Lohan is slowly but surely destroying every aspect of the entertainment industry.  Movies?  Check.  Music?  Check.  Now she’s got her bloodshot eyes focused on fashion.  And let’s face it:  Lindsay Lohan’s involvement with anything usually equals catastrophe.  She’s the opposite of King Midas…everything she touches turns to failure. 

Linds is in talks with House of Emanuel Ungaro about coming on board as a creative consultant.  And I ask:  would you accept creative consultation from someone who only wears leggings and flannel shirts?  Because if that’s all it takes, I was totally qualified for this job back in 1992.  Unless the “creative consultant” is the one who scores all the best coke for the office staff, in which she is definitely the right ho for the job.

It’s a totally insane concept — Linds being employed, and all — but I do feel an immense sense of relief that Ungaro’s head designer, Esteban Cortazar is threatening to leave and take his team with him if this coke-fueled union — all unions involving LL involve coke — between Ungaro and Lindsay happens.

Ungaro, I beg you not to do this.  You’re a 41 year-old label; you’re too young to die.

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  • Okay, this is totally unrelated to the story — Beet, can I just ask how long we have to look at the ad for Pamela Anderson’s extreme video? I know ads are an important part of the site for revenue generation, but I am so sick of seeing it.

    • I agree! I feel like if my kids come up to me when that ad is on the screen I have to quickly scroll down. And I’m tired of looking at it too.

    • i AGREE TOO! LOLOLOL, i’m sick of seeing that big titted bitch, trying to act sexy but just looking like she is fried hardcore! lol

    • HA! I’ve been thinking the same thing. I’m glad someone else has noticed. (I mean, how could you NOT notice? Gross.)

    • it is actually a link to the peta site, it’s a video she narrates about how kfc treats the chickens they raise.

    • Ditto!!! I look at this at work and if a coworker comes by they think I’m looking at a “dirty” site.

  • ok about lindsey, i think that she actually dresses very nice when she gets done up, and she is beautiful, so i don’t think it will be horrible thing. plus if that fashion line just wants publicity, then they will get it.

  • Well, she does have that leggings line, so I guess technically she’s experienced… [Insert joke here.]

  • The only time Linds looks good is when a stylist does her up for a shoot, and eve then it’s not always great. I don’t blame him because the designer has brought out several really creative collections in the last couple of years when the label was floundering. I can only imagine having to do all the work and have Lilo get the credit, stupid idea.

    She’s so toxic that I don’t believe she can sell anything at this point.

  • Lindsay has done some amazing things in her young life. Thoroughly enjoyed many of her films especially freaky friday and parent trap. She is a talented girl who is trying to get her career back on track. How about showing her some support. She does have many followers out here so don’t listen to the haters Lindsay. Keep doing your thing girl!