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Giuliana Rancic Clearly Doesn’t Value Her Marriage

Bill Rancic and Giuliana DePandi Reality TV Show Pictures Photos

I had to stop following Giuliana Rancic (nee DePandi) on Twitter. There are only so many tweets about beauty secrets and workout routines I can handle each day from someone who is naturally a size zero with perfect skin and married to the man who I always felt was destined for me.

But apparently Giuls’ life isn’t so perfect as it seems on the outset, as she is totally ready to throw away her marriage by doing a reality TV show with her husband of two years — but who’s counting? — Apprentice winner and total hottie Bill Rancic.

From building their Chicago dream home to hanging with each other’s outrageous families to wild weekends in Vegas, Giuliana and Bill are living life to the fullest as they embark on new adventures as husband and wife. And while living in two different places is not easy, they are committed to cell phone conversations and cross-country flights in order to make it work. Bill even gives learning the Italian language a shot in an effort to continue impressing Giuliana’s Italian family. But as with every couple there can be bumps in the road and Giuliana tries to relive her single days with a girls’ night out in Hollywood.

The series also offers a taste of what a day on the job is like for each of the Rancics. Viewers will follow Giuliana every step of the way from E! News morning meetings to behind-the-scenes access with some of today’s biggest celebrities to her frantic search for the perfect red carpet dress. Bill previously worked for Donald Trump following his win on “The Apprentice” but has since moved on. He is now developing real estate on his own and viewers will go inside Bill’s multi-million dollar construction projects. And when Giuliana decides that she wants a taste of Bill’s real estate world, hilarity ensues as Bill puts her to work on one of his construction crews for a day.

I will note, first off, that whenever the phrase “hilarity ensues” is used in an unironic sense, failure is imminent. But, truly, why do people keep signing up to destroy their marriages for a half-hour show on some third-rate network? The honeymoon period is over, Giuls. Putting this kind of strain on a relationship now is bad news bears. I don’t necessarily look forward to your forthcoming “divorce tips!” tweets, but I do look forward to my first date with Bill — off-camera, of course.

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  • Well good for them!
    She’s gonna make a whole lot more money being in her own reality show than reporting on the shenanigans of other reality stars who have no business being infront of camera cause their have zero personality, kim kardashian comes to mind.
    I love Giuliana. She has a great sense of humour and her husband is super yummy
    can hardly wait for thier show

  • liarrrs!!! you know that guliana and bill are such a great couple and so attractive and you cant stand that! you just wish that you could be like them and all you people are probably size 12 lonley ass people who have no one to come home to..

    stop being jelous its just so sad..

    • lauren. are you 12? you sound like it. get a life. who cares about couples and looks and sizes. only people under age 21 think that matters. you will see when you grow up. i have faith in you.

      word of advice though…stop watching so much tv. its not real life.

  • i watched the show, expecting to hate it, but they were both really lovable. there were some funny moments and bill is just SO sweet to her!

  • WOW. Am I the only one who thinks Bill is a complete asshole? He’s a control freak and he’s got G beating herself up because she can not give him a biological mini me. If being a parent truly means that much to you . . . ADOPT! Quit putting your wife and her body through all this shit. YOU’RE A DOUCHE!!!

    • No, you’re not the only one who thinks he’s a total jackhole. It’s all about what he wants and in his eyes, he’s the only one who knows anything about anything. She seems so sweet, too bad she can’t find someone who not such a neanderthal.

  • I agree, Bill is a control freak and takes the opportunity to bully and belittle Giuliana – who fortunately for her – is up to fighting her corner. Bit of an egomaniac (he)…

  • She doesn’t look like an ant, she looks like a praying mantis. And Bill is surely not hot at all…he’s a control freak and rather boring. He looks like an extra in a death camp scene from an old WWII movie.

  • I think that Bill is an ass. The way he acts and talks, he thinks he is a God and can do no wrong. I think the way he puts her down is not very nice. Verbal and mental abuse is wrong. And the way he hogs Duke is ridiculous, you would think that he made the baby himself.

  • Bill puts her down all the time.Its his way to control her. I would not let him be so controlling about the baby. She shouldnt let him make all the decisions .if they get divorced doesnt look good for custody issues. He doesnt have any class and you can see that by the way he criticizes her ( really her nose hair,,, you are a loser Bill)

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